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The Young Girls of Rochefort

Friends and family on my Christmas list might just see this disc in their stocking —Marty Mapes (DVD review...)

" It’s an island, babe, if you don’t bring it here, you won’t find it here. "
— Harrison Ford, Six Days Seven Nights

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The Boulder Outdoor Cinema has announced its summer schedule. They’ll be showing two movies per weekend, one Friday and one Saturday. The season runs from June 2, when Boulder finally starts really believing it’s summer, until August 26, before Boulder starts worrying that Fall could happen any day.

BOC offers fun after the sun
BOC offers fun after the sun

I personally have found their past schedules to be a little “bubble-gum” light. Crowd pleasers dominated more interesting fare by 24 to 0 some years.

But this year, there seem to be some more interesting movies — still crowd pleasers — that aren’t just obvious and bland. They open, for example, with The Maltese Falcon, one of the great films noirs from the 1940s, followed immediately by Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, a critical success from last summer.

Boyz N the Hood followed by Singin’ in the Rain? Maybe it’s the weekend of movies with abbreviations in the title; in any case, it’s a more daring and interesting weekend than we’ve seen at B.O.S. before.

On my radar are several movies that you may find me at (click “Remind me” on the Boulder Film Calendar to get an e-mail reminder on the day of the show): Buena Vista Social Club, a documentary on Cuban music, plays on June 17. I haven’t seen Ghostbusters (July 22), a favorite from my own teenage years, since... my teenage years. And A Fistful of Dollars could be a lot of fun on August 4.

So thanks to Dave Riepe and his crew for bringing a little depth to the B.O.C.