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The Fifth Estate

One of the year's most exciting movies. —Matt Anderson (review...)

Cumberbatch assumes he's the Fifth Estate

" I was standing inside of a footprint "
— Matthew Broderick, Godzilla

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This weekend, Movie Habit writers (some of us, anyway) are going to the Telluride Film Festival ( So this week, instead of reviews of current releases, we’d like to offer you a preview of what you can expect from Movie Habit in September.

Coverage of Telluride

Three of us will be going to Telluride. Between us, we hope to share some impressions of the festival and of some of the noteworthy films.

Coverage of the Denver International Film Festival

The DIFF returns in October, and we’ll be there.


We’ve got interviews lined up with the filmmakers of Shaun of the Dead, Finding Neverland, Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.


We’ll be covering lots of fall favorites, from the big releases to the independent gems, including:

Clerks (dvd): Ten years later, Kevin Smith’s $27,000 first feature gets the three-disc DVD treatment from Miramax.

Criminal: A remake of the wonderful Argentinian caper Nine Queens, with John C. Reilly in the lead.

Dear Frankie: A charmer from Scotland about a single mother finding a temporary father for her son.

Finding Neverland: The moving biography of J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan.

Gettysburg and Stories of Valor (dvd): An independently-produced DVD highlights the smaller stories from the Civil War.

Ghost in The Shell 2: Innocence: Mamoru Oshii’s philosophical and visually rich animé film.

The Ladykillers (dvd): The Coen Brothers’ latest film gets another look on home video.

Shaun of the Dead: A “romantic zombie comedy” that could prove to be one of the best horror/comedy crossovers in years.

Silver City: John Sayles brings his ensemble drama to Colorado.