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A quick note of thanks to Robin and Kathy Beeck, who founded the Boulder International Film Festival. The fifth BIFF just wrapped, and it was quite a weekend! I feel like I missed much of it because I had the honor of sitting on a jury, an exhausting experience that I welcome again in a heartbeat.

The highlight (aside from being allowed to speak to a packed crowd at the Boulder Theater) was the winner of the music documentary, Anvil! The Story of Anvil. This hilarious documentary catches up with metal progenitors Anvil. Now in their fifties, the lead singer and drummer are still together, trying to claw their way back to the top. The similarities with Spinal Tap are so striking that I almost felt as though the filmmakers were pulling my leg (the drummer’s name is Robb Reiner, for god’s sake!). Nevertheless, these guys are the real deal. Here’s hoping there will be a wider release ASAP, because Anvil rocks!

It may take me days to digest everything I saw over the weekend, and I may never get the chance to finish writing about all of it, but BIFF energized me and reminded me of my great love for the movies.

I will be glad for the return to a more “normal” diet of one or two a week, with the occasional episode of The Wire or Battlestar Galactica thrown in for variety. But it’s nice to have such a fine feast of films once a year, and all in my own back yard.

Thanks again, Robin, Kathy, and everyone else (including me, why not?) who makes BIFF happen.