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" Winning’s the only thing I respect "
— Jamie Foxx, Any Given Sunday

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Thank you, friends and readers, for your concern. The Century 16 is not a theater where press screenings are regularly held, and nobody at Movie Habit seems to have been directly affected by the shooting in Aurora last night. Nevertheless we are all shaken, saddened, and disappointed that something like this would happen in our community.

The movies are a humanistic pursuit. People gather around the flickering light to hear stories told about the human condition. Many movies tell stories of violence, but it’s almost always in the interest of exploring our sense of morality, of justice, of resliience. Sometimes we seek out action or horror films to give us a vicarious thrill or fright. But the point is to gather and to share. There is no irony in the shooter’s actions, only a profound misunderstanding of art and culture.

Our sympathy, thoughts, and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims.