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Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs

More chuckles than belly laughs, more episodic than Big Score, but still worth watching —Andrea Birgers (DVD review...)

Futurama is Back a Billion

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This Japanese movie opens with a title reading “This is a true story.” It is the story, mostly, of a team of Japanese sled dogs on an Antarctic expedition in 1957. One expedition crew is going home, to be replaced by another crew. The first crew makes it out, but stormy conditions, damaged equipment, and the onset of the Antarctic winter keep the second crew from getting in. The sled dogs, left at the base for the second crew, are now alone and chained in the snow and wind. One by one they break their bonds, and the movie follows each one in its struggle to survive the Antarctic winter. Antarctica is mostly a dramatic re-creation, but occasionally a narrator or subtitle tells us what happened to the real dogs. This makes the movie a bit choppy, but the dogs’ stories make it utterly fascinating.

  • Chad: So what does happen to the dogs? Do they all live? Some live, some die? Do they get to go home?? December 22, 2005 reply
    • Dark Angel: I think only 2 dogs survive...The rest 7,Were still tied to their chin and were found dead,later on.
      (Sorry if my reply isn't accurate)

      ----> http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/86/karahutokenn204jj.jpg/ March 23, 2012 reply
  • julie: anybody know where you get this movie??? Not Netflix or Amazon.com apparently. January 8, 2006 reply
    • rob H: This movie is available for $14 on DVD at missedmovies.com. Forget the remake. The Japanese version is far superior. Even better, the full amazing music score can be downloaded from
      justmusicstore.com With 24 tracks of Vangelis' best ever soundtrack, more than double the music released on the CD. It is easy to download at 15 cents a track, though you have to sign up for $20 credit. But well worth it. March 29, 2009 reply
  • Marty Mapes: Just received word that Disney is releasing a movie based on this same story on Feb 17, 2006. Perhaps that means we can expect a new home video version of the original film!! January 23, 2006 reply
  • sheryl48: IS there a BOOK written on this true story in 1957?????? I hope it has a happy ending as an animal lover I hate to see dogs suffer!! February 3, 2006 reply
  • Linda Walkup: 8 Below is one of the best movies I have ever seen of course as an animal lover I cried in the movie all the way through. I give the move an A+ February 20, 2006 reply
    • Marty Mapes: Thanks! I haven't seen it yet, and cynical as I am about the remake, I'm thinking I may just have to see it. February 20, 2006 reply
  • eric hollander: This movie was sad but definitely worth seeing.
    It is Japan's second best grosing movie ever.
    The soundtrack by Vangelis and the scenery
    made a lasting impression for me from over 20yrs ago. February 23, 2006 reply
  • Winnie: Some comments for Antarctica (Nankyoku monogatari) can be found on IMDB.COM, the link:

    This website has the more detail of the true story. Scoll down till you see the topic: The true story behind "Eight Below"

    The picture of the 2 survived dogs (Taro & Jiro) of the true story:

    I cried when I was reading the true story. Will go to watch "Eight Below" soon and I'm sure I'm going to cry again. Anyway, thank God that at least 2 dogs survived from the true evident.

    If anyone found the DVD of Antarctica, pls let me know! I would like to watch it too! February 28, 2006 reply
  • Mandi Ketchum: Can you tell me if there was a book written about the true story? November 27, 2006 reply