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" Would you please stop treating me like a victim "
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King Lear

King Lear is easier to appreciate than to like. —Marty Mapes (DVD review...)

King Lear mounts his castle for the last time

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This unique, eye-opening documentary by newcomer filmmaker Canaan Brumley shows us the hardship a band of United States Marine Corps recruits face during one trip through boot camp.

This film is the first half of Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket brought to reality. Told in a handful of titled chapters, this portrait of soldiers in training isn’t your average documentary; with no interviews or narration, Brumley presents our characters with visual emotion and intensity. Rather than getting to know each of the recruits personally as they fight through boot camp, we travel the road with them and witness the experiences up close and personal.

We open with an overcrowded bus of young men, anxiously waiting their first orders. Enter the drill sergeant who screams his head off so viciously, you cringe in your seat. As the recruits try to adapt to the new lifestyle, a pack of hysterically angry sergeants are on the prowl at all times, flying across the room and yelling like banshees from hell. We watch them rant when the shoes aren’t polished enough, or the bed is made improperly, or just because your fingernails aren’t clean enough.

The venture that we undergo is sometimes painful to watch, but sometimes a real pleasure. Even in the midst of such a torturous place, some of the shots captured by Brumley are quite beautiful. In one instance, as the men run in formation outside to the drill sergeant’s ritualistic “Left, right, left, right” chant, a flock of birds above them seem to follow the commands, swerving back and forth in a hypnotic rhythm.

  • Cpl Daniel Manrique: Excuse me, but I have one MINOR thing to say about this review. They didn't polish boots in boot camp. ok, ask me how i know. I AM IN THIS DOCUMENTERY.

    Have a nice day. January 15, 2006 reply
  • BC Nwade: If you didn't polish boots in boot camp, IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE A BOOT!! January 19, 2006 reply
  • Poole Melton: you dont polish boots anymore chlorafram shoes are the new way and the boots are swayed leather for the desert. February 27, 2006 reply
  • LCpl USMCR: They aren't drill sergeants, they're drill instructors. The army has drill sergeants, the Marines have Drill Instructors! February 28, 2006 reply
  • a Various Sire: sir, yes sir! March 2, 2006 reply
  • Marty Mapes: So far, it seems to have only played on the festival circuit. It probably hasn't been picked up by a distributor yet. Your best bet at this point would be to try to contact the filmmaker himself. (And no, we're sorry, but we don't have his contact info - we caught him while he was here at the Denver Int'l Film Festival.)

    Best of luck. March 10, 2006 reply
  • Tim:

    for sale for 22.00 plus shipping. March 14, 2006 reply
  • Marty Mapes: Thanks, Tim! March 14, 2006 reply
  • USMC Devil Dog: Nick Reed is a pinko-commie retard... he has trouble telling the difference between his assh*le and his mouth. Relying upon his knowlege-base to review a documentary about life at MCRD is like asking medical advice from an African witch-doctor.
    March 23, 2006 reply
  • Cpl Ferguson: For the last time MARINES ARE NOT SOLDIERS WERE MARINES THE ARMY HAS SOLDIERS. omg whoever advises these people needs to be fired! Semper Fidelis. May 10, 2006 reply
  • groundpounder: documentaries on marine training?boot aint sh!t! show a documentary of bravo company i.t.b at s.o.i.
    hollywood never gets anything right- only marines will know what its like to be a marine- if you're dying to know what its like being a marine- then join. May 24, 2006 reply
  • sgtmaj gunner: soi isnt shit devil... maybe boot camp wasnt shit when you went through, try 26 years ago June 7, 2006 reply
  • sgt michael espinoza: This movie is sugar coated. U want to find out what the corps is really like? Grow some f#$%ing balls and join. No documentary can show u what the real corps is like, or people would join. If you're a pussy, dont join my Marine Corps. If you are, hop on board and get ready to have some fun !!! June 27, 2006 reply
  • LCpl Jeeves: And the infantry ego rears it's ugly head...Yes, it was a sugar coated a little. However, different platoons saw different drill instructors and had different expiriences. Overall, not a bad documentary/example of Boot Camp. Your family can understand what you went through a little better by watching this, but won't know what it's like until they go through it too. (T.V. screens can't simulate the spit from your senior sloshing out onto your face, a knife hand to the throat or the stink of 85 unshowered males in a room the size of a custodial closet.) July 2, 2006 reply
  • LCpl Richie: Thank you Jeeves. All these grunts(or wannabe POGs) in here were just pissing on each other. You gave a great comment and I am getting my copy today.... July 3, 2006 reply
  • get some: im sure if the drill instructors knew there was a camera there, yall didnt see the real boot camp. no nco swords tapping on your chest in the middle of the night, no watching that one recruit drop his weapon after a half an hour of holding it with his pinky, only to be butt stroked with it. boot camp did exactly what its purpose was, to promote diciplin and military bearing under shitty circumstances. we are marines no movie can show the pride of recieving that eagle globe and anchor, or the pain that men suffered pissing the bed every night while and gettin me out of the rack to help them wash them cause no one could find out about it, i did it cause being a marine was all that mattered it ment the same to me as it did to them. you joined the corps it didnt join you! if you cant do it then outta sight outta mind i personally think they should have made it worse to weed out more of the little sawed off short man sydrome stupid mother fuckers that can't handle iraq.. nothing prepares you for a 14 month tour with the seals in iraq nothing July 3, 2006 reply
  • matt: do they have this movie at blockbuster? July 10, 2006 reply
  • get some: and if your a poolee shut the fuck up the movie isnt gonna prepare you for the real bootcamp and you dont know shit about the marine corps till your in it.. or if you just got out of it now comes the real challenge... i have boots that have been in iraq longer than you've breathed the fine air of the corps July 26, 2006 reply
  • SgtMaj Pappa Nipples : Boot camp had to be the best and worst time of my life... if only I could stop masterbating. July 31, 2006 reply
  • Tell me about it: Hey "GET SOME" why dont you stop being such an asswhole.... acting like your big shit "14 month tour in iraq with the SEALS" boo hoo bitch. sounds to me like you fiend for props about what you have done.... If you have done what you claim.....

    and matt if you are a poole, no it wont prepare you but it will give you an idea of what to expect, then just intesify that documentary......
    August 5, 2006 reply
  • echo3oscar1833: Dude there are to many motivaters in this discussion. lol. Just kidding. Was in the Corps myself 2nd AA BN Camp Lejuene NC. Miss it. But this looks like a pretty good documentary. Saw the preview love the part were the DI is screaming at the recruit up north telling him he owes him the course 10 times. Motivatin Shit!!!!! as always Semper Fi Mother Fuckers
    And as for all marines here well said. For the dumb fuckers in the discusion who aint been in the Corps shut the hell up. If you want to know join the Marines grab a rifle get a pack go to boot, do your schooling, get to the fleet, prove yourself to your fellow marines. Get out, or Stay in. And earn the Right, The Title UNITED STATES MARINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! August 7, 2006 reply
  • Jared: I just saw a little preview for this movie, i really liked it. lol ALL YOU COMMENT LEAVING MARINE YOUR CRACKING ME THE FUCK UP lol im joining in about a year i cant wait for that big ass drill instructors to trun me into a marine sigh... 1 fucking year ITS TO DAMN LONG August 13, 2006 reply
  • Former DI MCRD San Diego: I just ordered the movie. I'll let you know what I think. But, I will say that after training 8 platoons and the passing of 25 years, its a great feeling to see the bold audacity that you mother fuckers have shown here. Dont back down from ANYONE and remember who your brothers are. I love every one of you. Semper Fi Marines. (Except you Jared, Stand the fuck by) :-) August 15, 2006 reply
  • 03Gunner31: as someone described, Cpl Daniel Manrique, if you never polished boots, it's cause you are a boot!

    For others that read and need some knowledge, Marines are Marines, not sailors, airmen, and by all means, we're not soldiers!

    And for the Marines commenting on here, how about some respect by capitalizing the M and C in Marine Corps! You earned it, have some pride in it!

    All you POG's.... eat shit and die!!!!!!

    And always,

    Semper Fi!!! August 20, 2006 reply
  • PFC King: There is absolutely no way one can understand what goes on. Your mentality changes in boot, changes too drastically. Same reason why PVT Soandso gets scared shitless the first time he hears AK gunfire over his left shoulder.

    You have to have been through these extremes to adapt to them. August 29, 2006 reply
  • Efren Urbina: Good day devil dawgs, I was the PMI for this platoon when it hit Edson range. I was enthusiastic about finaly seeing the finished product. I was bumbed that I wasn't in it to tell you the truth. The director filmed alot of footage of the rifle range and the drama that unfolds with qualifying, Marines are known world wide for their marksmanship ability (one shot one kill) and I believe that the director should of put more of an emphasis on this part of training. Not only for the simple fact that I would of loved to have been in the film, but because its also the truth. PMI Sgt Urbina 36 plts 3000+ trained 95% qualified, 65% expert. I also painted the mural on the pmi shack before I left in 03. I'm a probation officer for los angeles county now, but my 8 yrs in the corps were the best and worst years of my life. semper fi always. September 10, 2006 reply
  • gunny: I ordered the movie on fri 9-8-06 through the website that "tim" posted. Does anyone know how long it takes to recieve it. Im in california. Also is it sent in regular us mail or ups, fed ex, etc. thanks for the help............. September 12, 2006 reply
  • Brent: I watched this movie and was brought back to that fateful day my sorry ass landed on those yellow footprints.

    I caught myself laughing at some of the mind games but, back in the day..I was scared shitless.

    This movie brought back some memories and, I wished it was longer maybe show the gas chamber,line training the marine trail and, The reaper.
    anyways a good look into our bastardly bapstism.
    SEMPER FI!!! October 6, 2006 reply
  • Esco909: I used to work for one of the Drill Instructors (SSgt Martinez) in this film. In fact, he was the one who presented it me. I love this film, and so did many other marines who I have passed this on to. Even the shitheads who say they totally hate the corps. One thing the director forgot to include was the sacrifices these Drill Instructors make as far as being with their families and loved ones. How the Drill Instructors wife and kids must cope the absense of their mother or father. How they as well suffer, if not, more than these punk ass recruits do. Especially in today's day in age, when recruits think they're entitled to every freaking thing they want. I got news for you spoiled bastards, when a recruit thinks he's hungry, the Drill Instructor is hungrier. When the recruit thinks he's tired, the Drill Instructor is exhausted. When a recruit misses his family, a Drill Instructor on the verge of losing his. And when the recruit thinks he's tough, his Drill Instructor is tougher. To all who served in the Drill Field, god bless. And to my Drill Instructors, SSgt's Carlos Alcaraz and Lawrence Knauer, GySgt Adam Carlson, and 1st Sgt James Colon you'll never be forgotten. October 26, 2006 reply
  • H Co. DI: For the marine who made that stupid comment about POG's (Personel Other Than Grunt, for all you booter heads and "Poolee's) grow the fuck up. I was a grunt for 8 years before I became a hat and now I'm a CH-46 Crew chief. And I've seen more combat action in 1 year in Iraq through the sights of my .50 cal than I ever did as a bullet stopping grunt. And I rate to talk. You don't. Marines are Marines, regardless of MOS. October 26, 2006 reply
  • Mike: I went through PI from Oct 81 to Jan 82. Bootcamp was tough in 3rd Blt. ITS in Pendleton was tougher. Sea School was tougher. Guarding nukes was even tougher. All that spit and polish. Silent drill practice forced upon us. All while constantly doing our infantry tactics while on shore. My last year in the infantry was even tougher. I served in Lebanon. Recovered many KIA. Have awards for leading a sniper section in Beirut. This movie is just the easy part of being a Marine. Bootcamp is a joke for fleet Marines. I was glad to get out. I am a member of the Marine league and the VFW now. October 31, 2006 reply
  • Ebert, : Hey Sgt Urbina. You were MY PMI. 1st Batt; Charlie Co; Plt 7051- Just wanted to say hi dude, and congrats on the job. And I wanted to thankyou for the awesome instruction you gave, and bringing some well needed humor to the range....oh, and the "ambisol" works-thanks..........Semper Fi November 5, 2006 reply
  • Ebert: ...correction: Plt-1075. OOORAH! November 7, 2006 reply
  • Cpl Corbett, Z.E 87-92 FAST CO.: Those of us who went through PI talk trash about the Hollywood marines and the Grunts talk trash about the POG's but we are all brothers when the smoke clears and I am proud to claim the most sought after title in the world United States Marine!!!! Happy 231st Birthday Devil Dog's November 10, 2006 reply
  • CW Stiver:
    Great documentary. I stumbled on it accidently, and never moved from my seat for two hours. Just one thing I would have liked different, why couldn't it be like it was in the fiftys, MI Rifles, and I won't tell how the DI's really treated us then. Hated them, until I got out of boot, then spend the rest of my life admiring them. USMC '52-'55 November 12, 2006 reply
  • Corporal Conors: As I read all the listed comments on this movie, one thing comes to mind....I am SO GOD DAMNED GLAD I chose to join the Corps. Got out after the first Gulf War, but Semper Fi means more to me now than it ever did when I was in. SEMPER FI. November 14, 2006 reply
  • donnis: yup, that was me... November 28, 2006 reply
  • Dario Rivera: In case all want to view this documentary it will be aired on "The Documentary Channel" Friday December 15th at 8:15 (CST). Unfortunately only the Dish Network carries this channel. December 12, 2006 reply
  • Where it all starts: First of all I wanted to say that drill instructors and recruiters put in many, many, many hours to complete their mission. Recruiter are the first to make contact and everyone you talk to says they walked into the recruiters office and signed up. Well if that was true Marine Recruiters would never really have to work, they would be just like airforce recruiters. As for Drill Instructors, they put in lots of hours and I just wish they did not have a percentage to graduate. The Marine Corps Training is way to soft for the Marines today due to mothers of America. If the "Hats" could just graduate the ones that they believe deserved earning the title MARINE, then the Marine Corps would do away with the 10%. I know the "Hats" could not do what they "really" wanted to do due to being on camara.... BUT trust me Future Poolees and Recruits what you see isn't what you get. Its the behind the scene that Make you mentally tough ..... Just remember the "Hats" have a job to do. So do not take anything they do to you personal. **wink**wink** hahahahahahahah Good luck and see you in IRAQ. December 12, 2006 reply
  • SSgt Koehn: I wish they would make a movie about how hard we have it Air Force basic training-- I mean 6 weeks seems like forever and I was forced to eat 3 meals each day and I had to wear my BDU's twice in a row! ewww! We have it bad too-- WTF ever. December 19, 2006 reply
  • echo4November0621: Hollywood, MCRD. 3rd RTR 3rd BN Kilo Co. Plt. 3059, 01/97-01/01 December 23, 2006 reply
  • Marine Mom: I have enjoyed reading your comments and will order the movie, watch it and send it to my son in Iraq.

    Your banter among your fellow Marines brought a smile to my face. Grunts vs POG's, etc.

    I did take acception to "Where it all starts" comment on mothers of America causing todays Corps to be soft on recruits. I wanted my son to learn ALL he could in Boot and SOI so that it might save his life. I shook the hands of his DI's. I also motivated him. I flew across the country and taped that EGA ceremony. I flew back for the send off to war. The Homecoming. Another send off just 4 months later. I have sent my son his birthday & Christmas greetings to a war zone for the last two years. I have other "adopted" Marines I support as well. I make condolence books for the parents whose Marines gave all. I volunteer for 3 orgs that support Marines. I don't cry through any of this because I'm a tough ass Marine Mom. Don't think for one minute my "duty" isn't a worthy job. Don't dis me, either. I WAS the original Drill Instructor with my own version of MCMAP and I'll kick your ass. December 26, 2006 reply
  • Lcpl Allen: Love ya Marine Mom. Thank you for your support. As for me, hell, I admire the grunts. Made many friends with grunts of several generations, old salty dogs and new pups. Yeah, I'm a POG, but so what? I do my duty to support those devil dogs there kicking down the doors with fixed bayonets. It's my obligation, and I do it to the absolute best of my ability. This movie brings back many old memories of my days and weeks at the Island. Those are the greatest because you dig deep down into the darkest regions of your soul and truely find out who you are. You find out the true meanings of Honor, Courage, and Commitment and accept them as your core values. I am greatful that I went through this. Yes it was hard, yes it was unpleasent, but this is the Marine Corps. "We don't promise you a rose garden."
    December 27, 2006 reply
  • Bat-Mic: Semper Fi, I haven't seen this Doc, nothing can be said or written to take you through the Corps, Boot Camp specifically, it is an experience that is priceless and personally, although I may not say it to people, anyone who: identifies, feels, think they know, had a best friend, saw "Full Metal Jacket" 100 times, went through rOtc, Eagle Scouts you name it, speak with shit for brains on this topic if you haven't donned the Eagle,Globe & Anchor yourself. It has been 25 yrs since I saw the light and NOTHING has approached the sense of Pride I felt when platoon 3046 was dismissed and I was a United States Marine. My Brothers are in a poorly illuminated situation regarding political policy but that is often the case with the rocks elected to office. War is not the time for Diplomacy, it is time for the Defeat, Destruction, Mass Killing of the ememy. That is why your at war, Diplomacy failed! In this case for whatever backward ass reason.
    What concerns me is that I have been aware of the changes, not specific changes but the overall approach to recruit training. I don't recognize it any longer. It is not what I experienced and absolutely not what those experienced before me. To take a human being and prepare them to do what every fiber of their being tells them is life threatening takes certain measures, you don't do that being PC. Nightly I morn for the familys of those not coming back but I don't morn for my Marines, they will live through me and tens of thousands before and after, they will live FOREVER! GodBless December 28, 2006 reply
  • Marine Mom: My son, a Lcpl tank mech. told me about this movie. He said it's a "must see". I've read, watched and listened to everything I can, trying to get a better "view" of what he's gone and going through as a US Marine. You can bet I'll be ordering this one! And for all you current and past Marines, I thank you for all you do!! God Bless December 31, 2006 reply
  • Sally Lake: Oorah! January 10, 2007 reply
  • broaddusmarines: I have had this DVD for about a week and I really like it. I joined the Marines back in 1988 (Charlie Co, Plt 1091) and it's the best Marine DVD documentary in my collection. January 12, 2007 reply
  • SgtClark: Hey there Cpl Manrique. Maybe if you would of joined before 2001, then maybe you would of had the pleasure of actually taking pride in your uniform. Starching your cammies and polishing your boots was the real Marine Corps, not that lazy shit you wear today. January 25, 2007 reply
  • The One: I never understood the big deal with shining boots and starching cammies. No, I right after the switch to digitals. However, I have both starched clothes before and polished shoes.....its not that hard. Don't question other peoples motives for joining the Marine Corps and cheapen their accomplishments because they didn't rub some shoe polish on their boots. Todays Marines are fighting just as well if not better, against a cowardly enemy following very unconventional tactics then Marines of the past (the ones with shoe polish) If shoe polish is bugging you that much than I think your true problem is your unhappy with the size of your penis and feel the need to compensate...thats all i got.... February 9, 2007 reply
  • Lcpl SHMUKATELLI: This movie looked fucking bad ass but there are too many motivators on this page for a P.O.G. ass boot, The shitty thing about this is i feel horrible everytime i see a grunt in a bar all fucked up with PTSD and i feel like i should be there with him since apparently i'm not seeing the real corps and I WANT TO FUCKING KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!

    I ask this SGT. is it worth it, doing what you do, and he said no way, the shit he did and the shit he saw fucked him up he's in counseling every week and he still has nightmares and its been a year and a half. I think about this and i dont know what to do. Sometimes a violent motherfucker, but when i dont use that for a job as a marine and i constantly hear that POG ass shit from grunts it pisses me the fuck off. So tell me devils, have i not really been a marine until i've killed somebody, have i not really been a marine until i've watched one of my friends die or nearly been killed myself. You fucking tell me because i am sick of being a second class citizen and if i have to, i'll get out finish my college reENLIST (cuz black is where its at) and i'll see you motherfucking baby killers on the sharper side of the world YOU TELL ME BECAUSE I AM FUCKING SICK OF BEING CALLED A PUSSY BY PEOPLE WITH GT SCORE OF THREE!!!!!! March 19, 2007 reply
  • USMC0311: Hoo-Rah. I ordered it today, just so I can reminisce on the events that led me to becoming a Marine. I'd like to see one done about SOI so I could reminisce on that, and then one about the grunt unit I was with, to again, reminisce. I didn't see war, and i am glad that I didn't. Some of my friends did, and some didn't make it. I Pray for all of my Brothers that are in Iraq, and I Pray that they make it back home OK. God Bless all of Them, and all of the other Marines. Either way, I am glad that I served in the Marine Corps, and I love all of my Brothers in the United States Marine Corps. Hoo-Rah, Devildogs.

    "They have us surrounded, Sir!"

    -"Good, now we can attack them from every direction..."

    WE ALL know who said that.

    Semper Fi. March 23, 2007 reply
  • Kevin: I was in from 92 - 97, Lima 3/5, Super Squad winners '95. This film is fantastic. "Why'd you stop why'd you stop why'd you stop WHY'D YOU STOP???????" hahahaha good shit, brings back memories. Semper Fi brothers. March 26, 2007 reply
  • MARCIA CONNERLY: I just got done reading the posts and i wanted to respond to Kevin. The bad #@! drill that said ( or screamed) "Why did you stop?....I can proudly say that is my son!! I love watching this movie and not just because my son is in it. He has done 2 tours in Iraq and the pride he felt for his men both there and back in the states is awesome. The tougher the DI, the better chance you have of coming back didn't learn the language from me. haha April 5, 2007 reply
    • Charlie Co Ser Gysgt 2000-2003: I was the Chief for this Series; what was your sons first name? June 30, 2010 reply
  • 1st Btn D Co Plt 1053: I've seen a bunch of clips from the movie on YouTube and have to agree that this is the best glimps of USMC boot that your going to find. Note the usage of the word 'glimps' as you have to actually join to fully appreciate the experience. There's just no other way.
    I served from '90-'94. Made it just in time for the Gulf War, if you could call it a 'war'; it was more like a massacare. Spent five days at Cherry Point before they sent us over. I'll never forget the MstrGny telling us, "Don't unpack your shit!"
    Seeing footage from this movie brought back all of the memories of boot and the Fleet, but also all of the bad ones. I'll stop right there. It's a package deal, but one that I wouldn't trade for anything.
    For anyone thinking about joining or who has a buddy in the Corps I reccomend this movie. It's only of fraction of the experience, but it's more realistic than Full Metal Jacket (a great movie. Lee Ermey, SEMPER FI!) if for only the fact that there isn't one, but three or four DIs constantly on the prowl and probably all screaming at the same time. "Marine Corps Drill Instructor AMBUSH" has to be my favorite scene in the movie. April 14, 2007 reply
  • SDI from Ears, Open; Eyeballs, Click\": OHH-RAH Everyone,

    My name is Michael W. Nichols, former SSgt Nichols. I spent 12 years in the Marine Corps and recently exited the Corps honorably to pursue some personal dreams and desires of my family and I. I was the Senior Drill Instructor in the Marine Boot Camp Documentary "Ears, Open; Eyeballs, Click" Well, since everyone is talk about being a Marine and the documentary and what it may present. Let's just say, I trained 8 platoons with 1st Battalion, Charlie Company and the documentary does not truly portray how hard we really train recruits to become Marines. However, it is the closest footage I have seen. Once you see it, you will notice things that will motivate you and things that will make you mad. The fact of the matter is, when I 1st saw it, I was upset because of so much stuff the recruits were getting away with but once I sat back and digested it, it's factual, recruits are going to get away with things and the cameras were right there when our backs were turned.

    I remember when they 1st told me they were going to have a camera crew follow me, I was upset because the last thing any Drill Instructor wants is someone following them around micromanaging everything they are doing. However, after a while, it was like the camera was not even there but I notice the recruits would use that to their advantage at times. I would have to take them out to the PIT and kill them a little bit to keep them in check more times than not. This was one of the hardest cycles for me because it was my 1st Senior cycle and I had all these politics following/watching me during this film crew process and it took twice as long to get snapped in and trainable. I had kids quitting on me and refusing to train, ect,. Any other cycle, you would not even dare mentioned it because no matter what, your but was training. Overall, the platoon finished really strong but it took forever to get them on board with the Marine Corps way of thinking sort of speak! Actually, we almost took honor platoon in the end which would have been an upset seeing how bad the platoon started off. Usually, it took me about 2 hard weeks with my platoons and the rest of the time, it would be just maintaining the discipline and structure set in the beginning. Not 1141, they wanted to keep testing their boundaries which keep them in the pit more times than not! OHH-RAH but you don’t see much of that good training coming from me in the film.

    Currently, I am working with the Director Canaan Brumley as an Associate Producer for this project that has been around the world like (France, Paris, Demark, England, Russia, New York, LA, ect). I have some upcoming viewing of the film coming up where I go, meet allot of people, do questions and answers about the Corps, and sign autograph and take some photo’s with people. Overall, I truly wish Canaan would have put more pain and pit calls into the movie but I understand everything he has put in the movie from spending so much time with the director during the process. I truly hope you guys enjoy the documentary which you can purchase on the directors website, I am sure it will be around for decades to come. I am currently working with the MCX and Marine Corps Association to get it sold on bases throughout the world so keep it in prayer to better our life in the Corps. God Bless and Semper Fi

    *Former Senior Drill Instructor SSgt Michael W. Nichols

    April 24, 2007 reply
  • MASTER GUNNERY SERGEANT TROPICANA: you maggots have no idea what boot camp is.....ever been whipped by an electrical cord? 32 years ago i had that done by my SDI........18 years later i met up with him....he had been busted down.....and yeah i got my revenge. May 3, 2007 reply
  • Sergeant Brutal: Stop crying about Cammies and Boots. I wore both, I didn't cry when it changed, and, if I remember correctly, NO ONE else did either. No one. Personally I like the extra 10 hours a week I get to keep. Oh, and when I went to boot camp I had to walk uphill ten miles to the chow hall every day both ways through ten feet of snow, 1000 degree wheather, breathing sand fleas, while shooting expert with my Penis. On a more serious note, the Man made mistakes on the review cause he's a civillian, and yes, could have no idea what it's like to be one of us. For the other POGS out there, I'm admin. I work in a Weapons Company, we bust on each other constantly, we're bro's all the same. And for the mothers on this page, your sons may be in a bad place but they are in good company, best in the world. Of course it's watered down version of boot, and still, yes it has changed. Mothers of America didn't do it either, our own kind doing dumb stuff is what did it. Besides (yeah I'll say it) alot of the "harder" ways of doing things, can also be interpereted as a lazy way to teach discipline. You don't have to like what I said but you can't call me a liar either. May 18, 2007 reply
  • Marines are the Shit: I absolutely LOVED this documentary!! May 21, 2007 reply
  • Mustang0352 : Gents,

    First - love the motivation level here. I stumbled upon this movie via the internet and have only watched the cuts posted on youtube etc. I'm very impressed, brought back some memories of Parris Island circa 1996 - Platoon 1117.
    Second - The to the DI's - I hated you with every atom in my then nasty civilianized body, but the "thing" about boot camp is realizing that your perceived Hate towards us was the greatest sacrifice I had the privilege to experience. No one wants to be thrashed, but after enough time on the island, in a weird way, it became a welcomed occurrence among my platoon. For those with enlarged Brain Housing Groups you might guess from my call-sign above that I had a blue sticker? Know this: I saw one of my greenbelts at Quantico. I was a newly minted butterbar, he was a newly minted warrant officer. Could have gotten revenge - not smart, or at the least revel in hearing him call me sir. No! I walked up, after the electric pulse of fear subsided in my spine, and said "Drill Instructor Sgt Shaw... Recruit Joe Marine from 1117.
    I’m about four years out and its good to hear Marine Banter again, and more importantly, that there not recruiting pussys too!
    SEMPER FI SDI Sgt McCullough, DI Sgt Shaw, DI Sgt Jones and DI Sgt Baxley. And, Semper Fi to the rest of the peanut gallery – I’ll take each of you motherfuckers on anytime!!
    May 23, 2007 reply
    • Aaron SMith: I was in your same platoon. Recruit Smith A. Who is this? July 12, 2012 reply
  • mags: SEMPER FI.... This movie needs to be released NOW! I loved watching the clips and I loved reading all the entries in this blog and know that you are all brothers and sisters, I would do anything I could for each and everyone of you. I have been out for about 18 years, but watching this really makes me feel GREAT to say that I am a U.S. MARINE, THE WORLDS BEST!

    May 26, 2007 reply
  • e4begay: WOW....After going through boot camp back 1996, it was a eye opener
    which helped me out through out my Marine Corps career. Man I can't say enough about my Senior and the Drill Instructors. This documentary brought back memories. Especially the marching parts of this documantary. The recruits were so out of step, I laughed my ass off. I could imagine how i performed when I first learned how to march. Memories. Thanks to the director. OH YEAH Infantry all the way!!!!!! Nice to know POGIES will always have your back even though they sleep in the rear with the gear!....Semper Fi Marines...Once a Marine, Always a Marine, No matter what decade.... May 29, 2007 reply
  • Josh: After having the staring SDI as one of my green belts, I say it's defintly realistic and gives everone who hasn't expieranced "13 weeks of fun" to see what it some what about. Great idea to make the film and great job along the way!!!!

    However funny to see grunts and pogs to talk shit to each other. After doing 48 casulaty evacs and holding on to a war fighters bloody hand as he thanks you for picking him up out of a zone that was deemed to hot for pick up and saying, "thank you, doc said i would have died if you would have taken 15 more minutes," defintly should prove to every Marine that no MOS is more important than another. June 9, 2007 reply
  • Former DI MCRD : Just ordered this movie from looking at the YOU TUBE clips. The SDI was in my old Bn. 1st Bn
    Charlie Co. Back then in 87-88 we were called "cheatin charlie". For bypassing the "SOP". ie. Rules & Regs for recruit trng. All you former Hats out there, be proud, you made a difference. All you current jarheads and former jarheads, quit bitching about each other. Trust me, one day when you get out of the Corps and life goes on. You really appreciate being a Marine a lot more than when you were in. Coming straight out of high school, that's all you know and you take it for granted. Being a hat back then was kind of thankless, butt kicking job but we had each other. You felt the glory after the drill field not during it because most of the time you were working your ass off with 18-20 hours days and just waiting to get a freakin day off to "sleep" with was valued more than sex! I got out in 92 after the gulf war stuff. Made a successful career in the Sheriff's dept for 15 years now. But I contribute my success to my Marine Corps training and leadership training. Best damn training in leadership in the world bar none! Being a DI is the highlight of my life and I will never forget it because it was so stressful. Kind of love and hate thing. Even though I am a Sheriff of supervisor rank. I will NEVER have as much power as when I was a DI. As I reflect back to the times back then, we were SUPERMEN! Anyone who served or was a freakin recruit, check out the youtube clip marine corps boot camp 1980s. If you actually order the DVD, you will get sent back to circa 88-89,1st Bn Alpha Co. I knew the SDI in the film, Sgt/SSgt Venable and a lot of the other hats in the film. Which is really actual video footage. It's been at least 18yrs and to see that footage brought me back to MCRD in an instant. Like I was right there that moment. And you know what? The Hats in the film will always be the same age because that is how I remember them. Take care you jarheads and hit me up on email if you want to rap about the good ole days! I have a Deputy B. CHOW who was a HAT at MCRD, 3rd Bn 87-89? on our dept if you want me to pass word on to him.
    Semper fi! July 18, 2007 reply
  • Sgt Calderon: I was in this platoon when the filming took place, and I am sure that anyone else that was there will agree with me when I say that there was many worst and best moments than the ones that are shown. I will agree, that it does give a close portrayal than other films out there, and as SSgt Nichols said we did do a lot of stupid things that probably would have not happened if cameras weren't around. There were some recruits that thought they could get away because if the Drill Instructors did anything that they thought was wrong they could cry to someone and say that it was on tape.

    In the end however, most of us, finally caught on and put all the mistakes we had made behind us. I thank my Drill Instructors for not giving up on us, ever.

    For those that remember or care I am Calderon S. there were two of us with the same last name, the other was Calderon R.

    P.S. Sgt Urbina, I haven't tried the Anbesol yet, but because of that "Tip" I have not forgotten you.
    July 20, 2007 reply
  • SWING WITH THE WING: Still think your shit don't stink is that right grunt boy? Neverending argument with you fuckers, I guess you went to a different boot camp than the rest of us. Oh wait i think i heard of it, only grunts go there..... nope same one. Fucking idiots, you fuckin dudes should be glad that there's a bunch of us who are just as fucking crazy as you bastards other Marines go into harms way also not just yall bro. Fuck all that I'm just talking shit to get you motherfuckers fired up! I was in the air wing and I loved that shit cause we don't walk we fly to where we gotta go, sorry bout your luck. Call me a pussy for not wanting to march 20 fuckin miles I dont care that wasn't my job, my job was to make sure you fuckers had a safe working aircraft that's it. That being said we're all Marines we talk shit and then drink some brew together no hard feelings, and to those Marines in Iraq take no shit from haji and watch your 6. SEMPER FI MARINES July 31, 2007 reply
  • YOUR #1 SHIT BIRD: Alright bitches, aka "real marines",3 NJP`S ,the brigg once (CCU JAPAN),Ive seen private twice,pfc 4 times ,lance coolie 3 times and cpl once.I spent 1/2 of my 5 years on restriction and still had the best time of my life.Like ole chesty said, you aint a real marine unless you have 3 nlp`s under your belt.So you guys can just squash the whos better than who bull shit.But for all you shit talkin grunts out there ,ive been at the range and seen you guys shoot,thats a fucking joke.I think some of the skally wag barracks matresses aka female marines can shoot better laying on there backs.Point being ,we were all in the shit ,doin our jobs .Sepmer Fi my little bitches,im out. August 1, 2007 reply
  • (anonymous): Is my hero :-) August 13, 2007 reply
  • Elias Bracamonte: I had 5 NJP's. Was kicked out with a BCD. That was 10 years ago. I am know married to a school teacher who has a Master's degree in education, I have three beautiful children. I recently graduated with a bachelor's in Theology. And I am a pastor of a church. Even though I messed up during my 3 years in the Corps, what I have today is because of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the Corps values I learned as a Marine. If as a Marine you throw away those values, just know they will always be there when your ready to live a disciplined life. September 10, 2007 reply
  • Dark Green One: First off, Big ooooh Rahh to the actual devil dawgs still representing. I haven't seen this movie yet but I've been looking everywhere for it. I have seen many clips of it and so far the only thing that I can say is....Hoe-leeeee Shee - it! Boot Camp has changed since 1986 when I went through Parris Island. What the hell happened? I realize things change with time but DAMN! The standards seem more relaxed and SH*t. I'm sure some Vietnam era Marines that went through Parris Island might say the same thing about me. But hell at least we shined boots and knew a Drill Instruter might clock the SH*#t out of us if need be. And is it true they graduate with a set of dress Blues now? You had to walk on H2o to get a set of blues back in my day. I hope this movie is not an accurate sample of what the average Marine is like these days. Semper Fi to the "real ones's " out there... October 19, 2007 reply
  • Zee : I was a fightin mother fuckr discharged honorably 11 years ago,
    6 active, 2 usmcr. miss the life. i was flippin channels one night, seen this on the Documentary Channel. it definately brought me back. you people are my bros for ever.
    Semper Fi Mother Fuckers November 8, 2007 reply
  • Sgt. Taylor: To: Cpl Daniel Manrique
    You are just confirming BC Nwade's point. Probably just a year to a few years before you were in bootcamp, Marine recruits still had to polish their two sets of boots and shine their brass belt buckles. November 9, 2007 reply
  • PFC tidwell: I just got out of boot camp and I havn't seen it yet but I think that if you havn't been to war than you should show some respect for those who have, and stop trying to dis what they're stating about boot camp. I wish I could have joined back when it was hard so that I could have more of a challenge. I really respect all that Marines have done and are still doing. Semper Fi December 12, 2007 reply
  • Lcpl Rendon: I haven't seen the movie yet only previews and well from what I saw it seems like it would be something to watch and look back at what most of us went through and soon to be going through (poolee) I didnt like how whoever the fuck wrote this calling us Soldiers or what not. But Marines are Marines everyone has a opinion all I know is when the shit hits the fan I'm going to do the best I can to protect the man to the left and right of me no matter if he's a grunt, admin, or fuckin cook. simple as that....but cant wait to see what this movie is made of. Ooh Rah Marines!

    Lcpl Rendon
    Semper Fi December 24, 2007 reply
  • (anonymous): best and... brightest? not on this board. December 29, 2007 reply
  • DarkGreenOne: I just read an article about that Drill Instructor who got in trouble for being too rough with a recruit. The recruit cried about it to his mommie and the Drill Instructor got busted down to pvt. and kicked out. What the?!? All I can say is that I hope this doesn't deter Drill Instuctors from doing their jobs. Peoples lives are at stake and Drill Instructors are the only human beings alive tasked with preparing undiscplined "boys" into men that will save lives when the time comes or maybe even take lives if the need arises. I don't think Drill Instructors can be too hard. Back in '86 when I went through Parris Island, of course they seemed like they were harder then they had to be. Did they pop you in the chops ar what ever from time to time? YEP! Did they make you hate them sometimes? yep. I had to struggle and force myself to shake my Drill Instructors Hand upon graduation. I hated them that much! But I also have to admit, I wanted to be just like them. In every way. It's been over 20 years since I graduated Parris Island and looking back I can easily say that my Drill Instrutors have the men that I've tried to model in my personal life ever since. Wether I like it or not, they become a part of who you are for the rest of your life. I hope all the Drill Instructors reading this know that there will always be an ocean of former Marines that will always appreciate what you did even though we will never be able to tell you sometimes. Drill Instuctors are a special breed of human beings in my book. DI's are the SHIT!!!!!! and for the ones still out there or thinking about becoming one, don't slack up, don't take it easy and keep pushing that envelope!!! The future of the Corps is on your back Devil Dogs. DO your job right and 20 years from now crazy old jarheads will write these words about you. LOL ! Semper Fi DARK Green and Light Green Bros.!!! Enternal thanks to Drill Instuctors Riddle, Goodwin, Hinton, Byers and most of all Drill Instuctor "Hardcorps" Fillmore who could probably motivate a lamb to moon walk into a lions den while wearing BBQ sauce colonge and a sausage links necklace!!! December 31, 2007 reply
  • 2bn 4th marines: Went to boot camp in 1997. This movie is right on, except a little easier beacuase of the cameras. I am a Police Officer and was involved in a shooting where my partner died from a gunshot wound by the suspect. My Marine Corps training kicked in and helped me save my Sgt's life, and earned Officer of the year for 2007. It was a difficult time. What got me through it was thinking about the Marines that are shot at everyday. Mine was just one night. I lost a brother that night, but have lost and still am losing alot of brothers in Iraq. No matter what MOS you had in the Corps, be proud of what you have earned. The marines that went to boot camp before another will always say it was tougher than the ones that went after, it's just a chain reaction. I was in Communications but was attached to 81's(Mortars) for a year and a half. It's all the same when you are in the field. Be PROUD and Semper FI. TEXAS February 2, 2008 reply
  • Sharon Ferguson: Please tell me where I can get a copy of this movie. My son Recruite,he is at MCRD-SD now, said I should watch this movie.
    Sharon May 26, 2008 reply
  • TheSitRep: Here's the deal. The documentary though realistic "because it is real" does not really put you there. There is no way to understand the smells like the chow hall, new Cammies, Brasso, Kiwi etc. The intensity of the DIs and training was amazing.

    Having your free will stripped from you comes from losing your hair, your right to speak, your right to eye FK the area etc. , it starts to wear you down and the only thing you have left is to rise up and learn stuff the Marine Corps way. It is a system that just works and is not like any other branch's training.

    What went thru my head 1st was WTF did I get myself into. From reveille to taps it is just go, go, go, the DIs never FN stopped. It was endless. I weighed 154 pounds went I stepped on those yellow foot prints and weighed 185 when graduated.

    I watched this film because My son is shipping out to MCRD San Diego in a few weeks and mentioned it to me. He can already run and hump like a beast. He just ran 4 miles in 24 minutes. I raised his ass hard and even made him "lock his FN body when he was a kid. but still there is no way to inure a person to the reality of boot camp. I was struck that the federal government could treat a person worse than they treat prisoners, but it is all good. I think every Marine "after graduation" begins to understand the sacrifice and dedication their drill instructors exhibited.

    I'm looking forward to returning to San Diego to see him graduate. I am sure the trip will bring back poignant memories and pride that my son is now my brother.

    Marine boot camp is just it's own thing and it is just a primer to actually been in the FMF. It's just initiates us in to the USMC culture so you are not too big of a F-up when you get to the fleet.

    OOfn Rah! July 3, 2014 reply