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" The thing is, Bob, it’s not that I’m lazy. I just don’t care. "
— Ron Livingston, Office Space

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The Flower of Evil

What’s and so thoroughly satisfying is its merciless, merry chronicle of a nuclear family's meltdown —Breck Patty (review...)

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Costume dramas have something of a bad reputation. The Homer Simpsons of the world think they are boring, pompous, slow, and confusing. I myself admit it takes a little more dragging than usual to get me to a movie if it involves British history (although I usually end up enjoying myself). But Elizabeth is distinctly different. It is very dark, at times deadly serious, and it has the pacing of a thriller or an action film. There is much more twisting conflict and intrigue in Elizabeth than in two of your average costume dramas. This one is worth a look, even if you’re a Homer.