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" Good sky you’ve got here MacIntire. Well done. "
— Burt Lancaster, Local Hero

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Nancy Drew

When she finds herself shunned by the hip chicks, Nancy falls back on her addiction: sleuthing —Matt Anderson (review...)

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In this conceptually original and hysterically funny mockumentary, not-so-notorious supporting actor Dan Butler and wanna-be documentary filmmaker Phil Leirness fall head-over-heels for “Bush’s brain” Karl Rove.

At first, Phil intends a documentary about Dan and his unappreciated acting career. But the direction of his film takes a sharp turn when they discover who and what Karl Rove is. Armed with an ambitious drive, Dan develops an obsession to play the man who really pulls the strings behind the Bush administration. He abandons his lust for attention on the big screen to immortalize a political god on the stage.

Not only did the passion of Butler and Leirness have me rolling on the floor in hysterics, the original premise incessantly made me chuckle throughout the entire film. Dan’s desire for attention is a great parallel to his image of Rove — someone with endless power that has the kind of spotlight Dan wishes he had.

Although I doubt this film will have any sort of wide release, I can already tell that it will be a highlight of this year’s festival for me; it’s rare you come across something this unique, funny and fresh.