" I was standing inside of a footprint "
— Matthew Broderick, Godzilla

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The Fifth Estate

One of the year's most exciting movies. —Matt Anderson (review...)

Cumberbatch assumes he's the Fifth Estate

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There isn’t much I can say about Jackie Chan movies that hasn’t already been said by myself or others. Mr. Nice Guy is another typical Chan movie and it is a lot of fun. Chan plays a cooking show host named Jackie. The poor guy somehow gets caught between two nasty drug-dealing gangs and a television reporter with an incriminating video tape.

Once the plot has been set up, the action comes fast and furious. As usual the movie highlights Chan’s physical prowess and his daring. The ending was anticlimactic, with Chan driving a giant dump truck through the main drug dealer’s mansion. I was hoping for another extended fight scene with maybe a stunt or two. Still, it was fun seeing the house and several expensive cars get totally destroyed.

This movie wasn’t as good as other recent Jackie Chan movies such as First Strike and Drunken Master II. But if you do like his movies, you’ll find this one quite entertaining.