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Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs

More chuckles than belly laughs, more episodic than Big Score, but still worth watching —Andrea Birgers (DVD review...)

Futurama is Back a Billion

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This film by Jay Lee piqued my interest on conspiracy theories, but what it made me want was a pure distillation, maybe a documentary, that culled the cream of the conspiracy crop into one big “whoa — trippy” package. Heck, a half-hour Leonard Nimoy “In Search of ...” episode would have done the trick for me. But, no. Instead, I was stuck watching a poorly acted mess that had George Takei on standby as an omniscient voice-over that follows a girl as she slowly gets more and more paranoid thanks to her investigations into a variety of conspiracy theories that dovetail, conveniently, with her being shadowed by, well, shadowy figures.

  • Deborah: Hi...I read your review of this movie. Can you tell me how you came to view it? I'd like to see it but I can't find it anywhere. Thanks. Deborah January 16, 2006 reply
  • pk: Hi, Deborah -

    I saw this at Sundance several years ago, so I'm afraid I can't comment on its availability on dvd or vhs. As with anything watched in a festival environment, where multiple films are screened within a crammed and very finite timeframe, I can't recall the details of the film with clarity, but presume that by googling the director and such you might obtain clues as to how you can watch the work for yourself.

    Good luck,
    pk January 16, 2006 reply