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The Fifth Estate

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Cumberbatch assumes he's the Fifth Estate

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Eddie Murphy is a great comic with a lot of talent. His energy always brightens any scene or movie he’s in. Yet somehow, overall, his films are bad. Nutty Professor II: The Klumps is the latest example where Murphy’s talent can’t quite save a bad film.

The obese professor Sherman Klump has been working on a secret youth formula, and he’s just about got it perfected. A drug manufacturer is all set to buy the formula and make Klump and his school rich.

But Klump is plagued by his schizophrenic alter-ego Buddy Love (from the last movie, also played by Murphy). Through some inexplicable weird science, Buddy is brought to annoying life and tries to sell the formula first. The plot, motivation, and moral are all so incredibly childish that it’s an effort to get involved in the story.

The only saving grace is Murphy, who plays six different characters, including Sherman’s oversexed grandmother, his excitable mother, and his gruff old dad. A scene at an all-you-can-eat buffet with five bickering Klumps (all played by Murphy) is a hilarious testament to Murphy’s comic skill.

If you love Eddie Murphy, give this movie a try, but come with forgiveness in your heart and your expectations in the soles of your feet.