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Paloma de Papel (Paper Dove)

Part travelogue, part political statement, part coming-of-age drama —Marty Mapes (review...)

" This is insanity "
— [saul], Pi

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Why do certain critics love trash and trash the movies you love? Maybe it’s because they were dropped on their heads as infants. Maybe it’s their upbringing. Or maybe it’s purely a matter of bad genes.

We’ve invited our writers to introduce themselves so that perhaps you can get a better insight into their unfathomable minds.

Who are you?

Ryan Hurtig tackles DVDs and pop culture
Ryan Hurtig tackles DVDs and pop culture

Ryan Hurtig

What are your writing credentials?

Have contributed to Movie Habit as a writer for the past three years; wrote freelance articles for local publications from 1993-1998; graduated for CU - Boulder with degree in journalism in 1992

What are your movie credentials?

Have watched many movies since 7; studied film in college and wrote film reviews for school newspaper Campus Press in college; also enjoy movies that were:

  • shot in black-and-white
  • shot in a foreign language
  • made before I was born

Why should anyone listen to your opinion?

Everyone has an opinion, and it’s not a bad thing to hear them all. But if you say something really interesting, then people will come back for more.

Movie pet peeves?

Most movies are being made only to please certain demographics. Because of this, many TV shows are actually better than movies these days (such as Lost.)

Do you have any non-movie habits?

Video games and Sports (This year’s Rose Bowl game was better than most movies!)

Give us some movie recommendations.

Batman Begins and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were excellent. Also Hitch was vastly underrated.

What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Really bad sci-fi movies form the 80s, such as “Krull.” so bad it’s good!