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Pic of the Week

Each week we pick a recommended "Pic" from our archives. Below are our most recent picks.

Batman Begins

****2005, Christopher Nolan

Batman Begins, now on DVD, stands cape and cowl above the previous Batflicks

Batman Begins is a batastrophic success.

When British director Christopher Nolan (Memento) set out to make a new Batman movie he faced countless choices and possibilities. Across the board, the man chose wisely.



Tolkien offers a satisfying, multi-course meal for the uninitiated.

This biographical account of J.R.R. Tolkien’s formative years requires a little bit of patience, but it offers some inspirational rewards in return.

Uncertain Terms

***2014, Nathan Silver

A young man separated from his wife and five young pregnant women — what could go wrong?

Indie filmmaker Nathan Silver cast his mother in an ensemble drama set at a rural home for girls. It must have been a healthy childhood because the result is a frank, occasionally painful, but always loving story.

Be Here to Love Me

**1/22004, Margaret Brown

Two songwriters, Van Zandt and Johnston, get their own documentaries

The music documentary is filling the void left by the death of the music video. (That’s not as catchy a sentence as “video killed the radio star,” but it will do for now.)

Project 798


Chinese Art hasn’t found its

It seems the Chinese are just like everyone else. They have artists out on the edge of society, they have run-down factory buildings, and just like in the West, when you mix the two you get a hip urban district and art incubator. You also get the certainty that the arty part of town will become gentrified by an influx of galleries, bistros and the idle rich.

The Flaw

***David Sington

A solid explanation of what happened in 2008 - but bring your interest and attention

The Flaw takes its title from a quote by Alan Greenspan, an understatement made after the financial crisis of 2008.


***1/22007, Kevin Lima

Its gimmick allows, in our post-ironic era, big musical production numbers in Central Park

Although I had heard good things about Enchanted, I didn’t have high expectations, since some of the good things I had heard came from 3- and 6-year-old girls.


***1/22005, Alex Gibney

Real-life villains shock and appall; they get groans and boos from the audience

Filmmaker Alex Gibney presents a tale of greed, deception and corruption in this epic documentary on the Enron scandal that destroyed the corporation and put thousands out of work.

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

***2012, Lasse Hallström

The agile leads are forced to swim upstream when it comes to the romantic entanglements.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a fun satire, although its agile leads are forced to swim upstream when it comes to the romantic entanglements.

Police, Adjective

***2009, Corneliu Porumboiu

Law and order overbalance liberty in a police, adjective, state

Police, Adjective is a minimalist Romanian film which means it probably won’t get much love from the box office. However, if you’re not completely turned off already, then you may like this film.


***1/22011, Gore Verbinski

Rango is a terrific movie, but it isn’t for the kiddies.

Rango is a terrific movie, but it isn’t for the kiddies. That’s not to say it’s dirty or otherwise inappropriate; it’s simply that the story will likely soar way over their heads.