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" They should have sent a poet "
— Jodie Foster, Contact

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Creed II

It's all about the importance of character and the ability to face life's challenges. —Matt Anderson (review...)

Creed II

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Dune: Part Two

***2024, Denis Villeneuve

Perhaps Villeneuve’s strongest production so far given the emotional resonance it creates.

Dune: Part Two is an impressive spin on religion and activism, all wrapped up in a science fiction sheen.

Bob Marley: One Love

**1/22024, Reinaldo Marcus Green

Bob Marley: One Love is most effective when it sticks to the man and his music.

What should’ve been a cinematic anthem of Bob Marley’s vision of love and freedom falters on the dramatic beats.


***2024, Matthew Vaughn

As choppy as it gets, it’s still an entertaining romp with plenty of twists.

It’s sloppy, but Argylle wears just enough hair gel to grease the slides and ride out a mild recommendation.

American Fiction

***1/22023, Cord Jefferson

Take the insanity of Monk’s situation and think about what he’s trying to expose.

See American Fiction and then appreciate this statement: It’s essential viewing.


****2023, Paul King

It is impossible to resist the swoon of Pure Imagination.

Chock-full of eye candy, Wonka is a sweet work of pure imagination.

Dream Scenario

**1/22023, Kristoffer Borgli

Paul Matthews does nothing to save Dream Scenario – the movie – from itself.

Like a dream disrupted before its resolution, Dream Scenario trips on its journey to cinematic greatness.

The Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

***1/22023, Francis Lawrence

Think about how music can be a flashpoint for expressing or defining a moment in time.

Rachel Zegler is the new soul of The Hunger Games.


***1/22023, Emerald Fennell

Shocking images are greeted with the gasps and groans of a classic audience participation experience

It sounds wrong to call something wonderfully wicked, but that fits Saltburn to a T.

Next Goal Wins

***1/22023, Taika Waititi

This is the kind of movie and storytelling style and humor at which Waititi excels.

Writer-director Taika Waititi scores his best movie with Next Goal Wins.

The Marvels

**1/22023, Nia DaCosta

The story strains to find a powerful moment.

The Marvels doesn’t serve as Marvel’s Barbie moment.


***2023, Sofia Coppola

Cailee Spaeny delivers an incredible performance as Priscilla.

The performances drive a compelling look at the bright power of music and the dark power of influence in Priscilla.

Killers of the Flower Moon

**1/22023, Martin Scorsese

Scorsese misses the mark with this one.

Somewhere inside Killers of the Flower Moon is a great movie desperate to get out.

The Exorcist: Believer

***2023, David Gordon Green

Those looking for a two-hour fright fest will be sorely disappointed.

The Exorcist: Believer doesn’t resurrect the original scares, but it does release some spirited ideas.

The Creator (2023)

***2023, Gareth Edwards

So much of it is truly thought provoking.

The Creator’s substantial thematic ambitions aren’t fully realized, but it still rises above its derivative elements to provide a good standalone sci-fi experience.

Stop Making Sense (40th Anniversary)

****2023, Jonathan Demme

Watching Stop Making Sense restored in 4K and presented in IMAX is pure joy.

Widely regarded as the greatest concert movie of all time, Stop Making Sense gets an impressive IMAX restoration and a limited theatrical release to celebrate its 40th anniversary.