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— Kevin Spacey, The Big Kahuna

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Ready Player One

The advice is simple: Get outside. Live in the real world. —Matt Anderson (review...)

Ready Player One

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Godzilla vs. Kong

***1/2Adam Wingard

Team Kong knows how to entertain.

In the Titans Cinematic Universe, Godzilla vs. Kong is a knock-out.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

**1/2Zack Snyder

After watching this extended exercise, there’s an overwhelming desire to go outside and hug a tree.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League fixes the most egregious problems with the Joss Whedon cut, but it also introduces a fresh round of troubles.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

***1/2Kari Skogland

It starts with a pretty wild, whiz-bang aerial rescue.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier take flight as the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues its expansion.

The Courier

***2021, Dominic Cooke

In The Courier, positive change happens by building trust, not by controlling thought.

The Courier delivers an important, timely message: “this is how things change.”


*1/22021, Anthony Russo, and Joe Russo

Cherry turns into a toxic movie experience.

If only somebody had smacked Cherry upside the head while he was growing up and making stupid decisions, the world could’ve been spared having to endure this movie.

Chaos Walking

*2021, Doug Liman

The vibe of Grizzly Adams meets Star Trek simply doesn’t work.

What a mess.

Wow. Director Doug Liman’s career epitomizes the notion of peaks and valleys. It’s already been seven years since Liman paired Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in a big-budget sophisticated sci-fi action flick, Edge of Tomorrow. That one was great and a sequel with the unwieldy title of Live Die Repeat and Repeat is in the works. The low-budget dramedy Swingers put Liman — along with his stars Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau — on the map back in 1997. Those movies are money, baby.

Raya and the Last Dragon


The scenario is remarkably well thought out and intricate.

Some of the animation and visuals are so exquisite, Raya and the Last Dragon should be seen on the biggest screen possible.


****Chloe Zhao

This is one movie that gets more rewarding as the layers are peeled away.

Nomadland takes a seemingly very simple idea and turns it into something much more complex and rewarding.

Tom and Jerry (2021)

*1/22021, Tim Story

A soulless endeavor that struggles to find a tone and a pace matching the efforts of Hanna-Barbera.

Tom and Jerry is about as much fun as walking barefoot across a floor covered with mouse traps.

The Mauritanian

***2021, Kevin MacDonald

At the heart of all this is what should be a major breakout performance from Tahar Rahim.

Mohamedou Slahi’s autobiographical account of being held at Gitmo in the aftermath of 9/11 is a disturbing tale of revenge disguised as justice.

Flora & Ulysses

***2021, Lena Khan

The movie offers a timely reminder the world is still full of wonder and magic.

Flora & Ulysses is a cute little family comedy that’s pushed over the top by a cast that manages to sell both the goofy humor and the heartfelt message.

Wonder Woman 1984

***1/22020, Patty Jenkins

It’s a movie that pretty much has it all. Heart. Humor. Action.

Elevated by a strong emotional core, Wonder Woman 1984 takes the mythology of Diana Prince and flies to new heights.

Promising Young Woman

***1/22020, Emerald Fennell

At the core of this Promising Young Woman’s DNA is black comedy.

It’d be nice if more revenge flicks had the smarts of Promising Young Woman.


*1/22020, Ric Roman Waugh

There is absolutely nothing new in Greenland.

Maybe now’s not the right time for a global disaster movie.

Wild Mountain Thyme

***2020, John Patrick Shanley

It’s a refreshing journey down a different path.

Wild Mountain Thyme feels like a badly needed Christmas hug.

Back in 1987, John Patrick Shanley made quite a splash as the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Norman Jewison’s Moonstruck. What followed has been an interesting ride through the theatrical and cinematic arts. A mere three years after Moonstruck, anticipation was sky high for Shanley’s directorial debut, Joe Versus the Volcano, which opened with a thud but has quietly gained a greater appreciation over the years.