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Creed II

It's all about the importance of character and the ability to face life's challenges. —Matt Anderson (review...)

Creed II

" They should have sent a poet "
— Jodie Foster, Contact

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Wentworth Miller came to Denver to promote The Human Stain, which kicked off the 26th Denver International Film Festival. He was only in town for 24 hours, but he did a lot in that time, appearing at the screening for his movie, then schmoozing at the opening night gala party. Friendly, jovial, and well spoken, Miller is the kind of person who might make it big on personality alone.

In The Human Stain, Miller and Sir Anthony Hopkins share the same character, Miller playing a younger version of the same man. I mentioned that these were some pretty big shoes to fill.

 Wentworth Miller in Denver for the DIFF
In spite of his Princeton pals’ advice, Miller pursued a career in the arts.
“Very big shoes. It’s an honor, but I was also like ‘How am I going to approach this?’ The man is a legend and I’ve always been a huge fan of his work. And I felt as the new kid on the block it was my place to tailor my performance to Sir Tony exclusively, rather than the other way around and to that end I went out and rented every Anthony Hopkins video I could find so I could steal little pieces of his performances and layer them into mine.

“And the hugely flattering thing is that he tailored his performance to me. They gave him the green contacts, they had a little mole that they added on his temple. And we shot my part of the movie first so he was able to watch that footage when he finally came on set — was then able to pick and choose things from my performance to layer into his. So when I finally got to see the whole thing put together there were so many moments where I thought ‘That’s me! That’s Anthony Hopkins doing me!’ It was a thrill, of course.

“The good news as far as the challenge of two people playing the same role was that our character is very much a man in transformation, trying on this mask, so I did not have to do a dead-on Anthony Hopkins impersonation. To be honest, aside from speech and inflection and a gesture here and there, I was really hoping to capture the essence of Hopkins, what he brings to each and every role, which I think is a combination of authority and passion and integrity. The man has presence to burn. So if I was lucky enough to capture a bit of that I consider my job done.

“Cate Blanchett had a quote I read recently in light of her role in Veronica Guerin, that she’s an actor, not a mimic. And I feel very much the same way.”

I asked Miller what made him decide to act. From what little information I had read, it appeared that he only began acting after college. It turns out I was wrong.

“Acting has always been a passion, and I did it all the way up until college. And then I went to Princeton and allowed myself to get derailed because Princeton is an amazing school. It’s also conservative and all my friends were looking forward to Wall Street or law school or med school, and if you said that you were going into the arts, that was something you did in college as an extracurricular activity; it wasn’t something that you built a whole career on. Suddenly the idea of not having a steady paycheck seemed crazy.”

So why go to college at all?

“It was just expected that I would go to college. Both my parents are teachers and they tolerated acting, but I was going to go to a school of quality or bust. Which made my downshifting back to acting afterward a little difficult. My parents have always been incredibly supportive, but they come from academic backgrounds, and they don’t know anything about an actor’s life. All my father knew was that I had a hell of a lot of free time on my hands, and that’s never a good thing. They had their concerns.

“So I graduated with my degree in English and I moved out to Los Angeles because I didn’t want to teach, and I was still in love with TV and film, and I thought ‘Well, I’ll be behind the scenes, then.’ [I] started working in development for a little company that made movies for television. Development translated into faxing and filing and walking the boss’ dog and going to Subway with the order for the boss’ lunch and all kinds of glamorous stuff.

“But every weekend I would go in to the office because I didn’t have air conditioning and it was hot, and I would hang out in the conference room and kinda set up camp (laughs) and raid the company kitchen. [I would] just watch all our footage that we had on video coming back from various production sites. And the juices started flowing, and I realized I still had this ‘what if’ question to answer, and I decided to quit.

“It was scary. I walked into my boss’ office, and I said ‘You know, I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna be an actor,’ and she said ‘Well, I’ve just been hired at one of the networks as their director of motion pictures and I want you to come with me as my assistant.’ And that was like forty thousand dollars a year, that was like a corporate gig, that was the brass ring, as far as I was concerned.

“I went back and forth. What was I gonna do, what wasn’t I gonna do? It was very after-school-special. And I eventually realized that If I went and did the corporate gig, that would be great if I was successful, but I would always wonder about the acting. And if I did the acting and was successful I would never wonder about that corporate gig.

“So I had to tell my boss that I was not gonna come with her. And she said ‘I think you’re making a mistake. I think you’ll live to regret it.’ But I quit anyway and started temping to make ends meet. And six months later wound up temping for her at the network. And she had the grace not to say ‘I told you so.’ But two years later I wound up starring in a TV movie on that network so it all came full circle.”

I wondered aloud at the patience he had shown. How many of us would temp for two years while we waited for the perfect job to come along? Most of us, I believe, would choose security over passion. That’s when Miller corrected me again.

“Actually I think it might have been longer than two years. It might have been three or four. I was lucky enough to get guest star roles on Buffy and E.R. and a show called Popular — enough to keep me going, but it was sporadic, so I still had to temp to make ends meet. I was not able to stop temping until maybe five or six years after deciding to become an actor.

“I have people coming up to me now at film festivals and screenings who are like, ‘Weren’t you the one used to stand by the Xerox machine?’ I mean I temped for a lot of people in the entertainment industry. I spent three months writing up contracts for other actors working at a huge agency, which was tough, but I’m glad I have that perspective. Because now that I’m at the point where big shot so-and-so is laughing at all my jokes and schmoozing, I think ‘You know I got coffee for people like you for six years,’ so I know what’s what as much as I can, because I’ve seen the other side.”

I asked Miller what particular skill he offered as a temp. Was it the Xeroxing or the filing?

“Becoming invisible. There were some people who expected you to jump right in and do exactly what their assistant did, but by and large most people simply wanted you sitting there warming a chair. And so I did a lot of reading and kinda blended in with the wallpaper. That was my main quality as a temp, which was appreciated. They don’t want someone in there making waves, doing cartwheels. I sometimes think I should have been online getting a law degree. I wasted all that time (laughs).”

I asked when he was offered the corporate gig, if there was an amount of money he might have said yes to.

“It was never about the money. Because acting for me, at its best, you’re working on a project that touches you in some way. And that allows you to touch a bunch of strangers, whether they’re sitting there with you — you’re doing a play — or they’re in an audience watching you on the screen. There’s a kind of thrill that comes along with that that I have not been able to find anywhere else. So even if I had to go back to temping, even if this is not the beginning of an amazing career, I would not regret making that jump.”

I had a few extra minutes, so I asked about meeting Hopkins, about working with Oscar winner Robert Benton, about his favorite movies (see sidebar) and about life at Princeton while I snapped digital pictures, hoping for one to turn out usably clear.

As he wrapped up, he said he doesn’t regret that he went to Princeton, even if it proves to be a detour in a life devoted to acting.

“The road has been what it’s been and it’s taken me as long as it’s taken to get here and I don’t regret a second. It doesn’t get any better than this.”

  • Chanel flowers: As an aspiring actress myself i find refuge in wentworths relentless and inspiring story. He is the ideal actor and person i someday hope to be! January 3, 2006 reply
  • tnh: thank goodness his finally been discovered, the hottest human being on this planet January 14, 2006 reply
  • Canadian Dreamer: I've always been interested in acting, but never thought it could happen to anybody. I've always wanted to travel and just kind of hang out with some stars and learn some of the ropes involved in becoming an actress. I think if I were to become "someone" I would definately love to learn from Wentworth; he knew how he was going to get to where he is and how much of a struggle he might have indure in order to become successful. If there is any way possible you could help me find out how to live my dream that would be wonderful. Just a little something from a Canadian dreamer. :) January 16, 2006 reply
  • Gabrielle: His story makes me want to work even harder to get were I want to be in acting.It is nice to hear a story about someone who has such passion. January 18, 2006 reply
  • juliana: i LOVE prison break, and i never realized he had also acted in 'the human stain.' he seems like an honest actor and his absurdly good looks don't hurt a bit... January 19, 2006 reply
  • Kristine_berg@******.com: I would love to meet him. Prison Break just started here in Norway and its the best series ever.And Wentworth,you are the most sexiest actor I have ever laid my eyes on. February 4, 2006 reply
  • jess: wow! i had no idea it took him this long- he's absolutly SEXY! February 5, 2006 reply
  • Alexander Olsen: Wow, what an amazing story you got there. Wentworth Miller is such an inspiring actor and as a person as well. Now, Prison Break is one of my favourite tv-series, and he is one of my favourite actors. So I hope he'll get good roles forward. February 5, 2006 reply
  • Kate: Wow! wow.. I dont even no what to say.. (write :p) This is great! Wentworth is a real fighter. February 7, 2006 reply
  • Kate: This seams to be a real and honest story, and a enjoyed reading it.Especially the last part.
    Wentworth is a very inspiring actor. February 7, 2006 reply
  • amber: He's extremely hot and very talented at the same time. What more could you ask for? He's all around awesome. February 9, 2006 reply
  • Divya: The most handsome actor in hollywood. Why did it take so long to discover him? He's acting is excellent in Prison Break. Oh his eyes...his voice...he's the man of my dreams. And there aren't enough articles about him on the internet :(. Can't wait to see him back on Prison Break! February 9, 2006 reply
  • screengenie1: I've just read the comments about Wentworth Miller. I first became aware of him by watching Prison Break. My daughter, who is 10 years younger than Miller, told me she was watching the show with her boyfriend "C."
    "C" was talking to her, but, completely mesmerized with Miller, she said "What?"
    When "C" asked her "what planet have you gone to?", she could hardly have said "this Miller is so hot I couldn't pry my eyes away!"
    I'm so glad to see that as a person, Miller seems genuine and personable. Speaking as a person who is "older than dirt," it is so refreshing to read about his work ethic, dreams, and that he's not a sell-out for the almighty dollar!
    Although just an average person, unlike this Movie/TV star, we DO have some things in common:
    -both born in Brooklyn
    -both have degrees in English Lit., (although for me not Ivy League)
    -both love to read (gleaned from another web interview).
    I look forward to seeing more about this admirable actor--when we watched the final episode of Prison Break, and found out the show would not re-air until March, we sent up such a cacophany of sound, it could be heard by the neighbors! : ) February 10, 2006 reply
  • bridget: i think Prison Break is the best show ever, and Wentworth is HOT!!!!! Since this show he is now one of my favourite actors and i hope to see him in many more movies and TV shows!!! i love Wentworth! February 10, 2006 reply
  • (anonymous): Prison Break is one of my favorite shows & cant wait till the next season to see what happens with him and the rest of the cast...i do remember seeing Miller in the show Popular and The Human Stain is a great movie i just would of liked to see more of his acting...and he is very HANDSOME!!! February 13, 2006 reply
  • Bridget Allison: Hey there,

    I know you probably get asked this all the time but i would like to know if there is an email address i can contact wentworth on or any other way i would be able to send him and email/letter.

    I am 23, from South Africa and the Prison Break series has just started but i have the full series, and in watching the series, he has really touched me. They say the eyes are the window to the soul and from what i can see, i would love to be able just to tell him, even through the tv csreen i can see he has the most amazing, gentle soul, its beautiful!

    Please reply either way with good or bad news just so i know. I can attach a picture if need be when you respond back...

    Many Thanks and I wait in anticipation... February 15, 2006 reply
    • Marty Mapes: As I have said before, the best way to reach Miller is to try to find his agent. If I were inclined, I'd sign up for IMDB Pro and see if that did the trick. I keep thinking someone will post contact info on this page, but it hasn't happened yet. March 2, 2006 reply
      • CHRISTY: I saw people were asking for his fan mail address. here it is:

        Wentworth Miller
        c/o Scott Melrose
        c/o Endeavor Talent Agency
        9601 Wilshire Boulevard, Floor 3
        Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA

        May 11, 2006 reply
        • Marty Mapes: Thank you very much, CHRISTY. May 15, 2006 reply
  • me: wentworth is bum! February 16, 2006 reply
  • Lacey: omg i love wentworth miller soo much!! he is the hawtest guy ever! February 16, 2006 reply
  • alisha: i LOVE prison break and i think that wentworth miller is hot and he's the best since johnny depp!

    lub alisha February 16, 2006 reply
  • alisha: i have already put a comment here but i could not resist to put another what can i say I love wentworth miller looking at him on tv i can just see how nice he must really be and if you can give me a email address or post address i would really love to talk to wentworth and i'm ** and i live in ***** australia and i woould love to please you have my email address if you can please send your response.

    thanx heaps lub alisha February 16, 2006 reply
  • Alicia: i never knew wentworth miller until i saw the comercial of PRISONBREAK... from then on wards i said that i had to watch and i still and i will always will.. wentworth is a brilliant actor and i hope i get to meet him. he is very inspiring. prisonbreak is now my all time fave tv-show and wentwoth is my fav actor.. HE IS SO HOT AND CUTE!!! February 17, 2006 reply
  • Marty Mapes: Sorry, but I don't have any contact info for Miller. I usually recommend looking for an agent on IMDB. Sign up for the free trial of IMDB pro to get more access, including, I believe, agent names and numbers. (And if you have tried this, let me know if it worked!) February 17, 2006 reply
  • sophie: I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrv wentworth miller and I think prison brea iz da bst but we need to see more of him on telly or in films February 18, 2006 reply
  • Christy : Dear Wentworth,
    Just want you to know that I am thinking of you and I want you to
    know that my father has worked for the the University Of Utah for over 30 yrs. now. He has taught me the great gift of love. He had the great experience of meeting Loretta Scott King and Maya Angelou. Acutally, he had lunch with maya back in the sixties during black history month and i just want to to tell you how much my dad taugt me. There wasn,t a person on this earth that my father
    did'nt love. He just loved me from the time time that I was just a tiny little girl, his daughter. I am as white as the snow. he raised me to believe that we are all products of of one creater and that,God, we just all belong together. It does not matter what color our skin is, what our income is or what our religion. What Matter's the most is that we are all human beings. That by far is the greatest gift that my father ever gave me in this life. He was just dioagnosed with brain cancer last week and I am just really devasstated. But you know what, my father blessed me with the gift of strength and know how and he taught
    me that I could abdolutley overcome snything that I set my mind to February 18, 2006 reply
  • nonebut-1: u know something......i think that they shudnt put guyz like WM in gud dramaz like that b/c u just end yp watchin him and not focusing on the storyline.
    wonderful body, wonderful personality.....watmore can 1 say...except ur the most cutiest ever February 19, 2006 reply
  • mercia: what can i say the man is hat, when i first saw (prison break) miller got me with his oderable eyes, love the way he looks at actors in (prison break) he has every sexy look. the other girls are right about him he is sexy, but what really matter is what inside, like his personality and you can't see that in a pitcure/screen i wouldn't. i would love to write to him. his a great actor. February 21, 2006 reply
  • ELLA: What a great bloke and really genuine Well what can i say that has not been said ..Where have I been that i have never seen or heard of WM until Prison Break came to the UK...Now i am hooked Mondays cant come quick enough for me dont worry bout work sort that later... I have just ordered the complete season 1 cause I cant wait another 16 episodes to find out what happens i have been searchin the net to find answers but only got glimpses of whats to come ..if they dont get out i think i will have
    heart failure.......cant wait for that dvd to come February 21, 2006 reply
  • woo: what a fox!!! February 22, 2006 reply
  • sandy: Ive just read all the other comments made n its amazin how a peeson can bring about the same identical reation by people around the world..wentworth is a normal,not untouchable n distant like hollywood,hollywood is too small for this guy..hes what every girl n boy wants to be-greek god(under under statement),intelligent, down to earth, perserverin, succesful..amazin..the english language doesnt have the proper word what this guy does to women February 22, 2006 reply
  • (anonymous): My colleague and I are glued to Prison Break and yes WM 3RD is worth watching. I'm watching from England so am in the early episodes.
    Sue H. February 22, 2006 reply
  • Hol B: oh my god i never knew wentworth miller until i saw rison break and after that i just went mad. my mum was telling me to calm down and everything. i was also shocked when i found out that wentworth was in two mariah carey videos as well. February 24, 2006 reply
  • lucy: i was just wondering how old wentworth miller is and who hes going out with and is he married does he have kides and does he still live in the uk or does he live in the u.s.a now?

    February 24, 2006 reply
  • lu: im a big fan of prison break its one of the best american imports sent to england along side desperate housewives, great story lines and acting from all the cast, wentworth miller maybe more so, what a talented man, good luck to him he is very enjoyable to watch wether its acting or his looks he is a keep up the good hard workxx- February 26, 2006 reply
  • Lyndsey h: Mondays are officially my fave day of the week now! Why does prison break have to only be on once a week!! Iv seen evry episode of it soo far, im total addicted to Went! He's probably the most perfect guy ever and v. talented. Wentworth ur my idol! x x x x x x x x February 28, 2006 reply
  • Jessie: I love prison break and just love Wentworth Miller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! March 1, 2006 reply
  • Tanya: Wentwork Miller is good lookin and da best. Love him and love Prison Break. Prison Break da best!!!!!! March 2, 2006 reply
  • kerry: I agree, he is just amazing. I love prison break, totally glued. Its the best thing i have watched in a long time. Well done. Was there a way of contacting Wentworth? March 2, 2006 reply
  • Jasmine: l think that prison break is the best show and l think that wentworht miller is so hot March 3, 2006 reply
  • Lola: I just love Prison Break...And Wentwoth..Maaannn you are Hottt.. March 3, 2006 reply
  • katie: well can i just say!! what a hottie!! im actuli in love wiv this man!! nd prison break is fab!! say "helo" to wentworth millers biggest fan. he is copletely stunning nd so talented, i think i hav almost watched everything hes is... nd can u blame me!! i neva seen sum1 lookin so fit as a vampirer (in buffy) well anyways mazing story, mazing man and stunning stunning looks, love ya wentworth xxxxKTxxxx
    March 3, 2006 reply
  • lixx miller: I agree WENT is the most perfect guy in the world and prison break is excelent. i love went he is my idol i just have to say THANKS GOD FOR MADE A GUY LIKE HIM March 7, 2006 reply
  • felice: Hey Im fromthe Uk and started 2 woch PB @ the biggining of February, is the best TV show ever,If it wasnt for WM it woudt be so gr8. over here as well is on on Mondays, and I have 2 say Monday has become my favourite day of te week. Wotching this show has encouraged me 2 b mo deretminated in what I do, I do more work for colege college and look forward to a bright careers. Thanks Wentworth, luv u March 7, 2006 reply
  • helena gorton: i love him!!!!!
    March 8, 2006 reply
  • luv »2« ? *h8td*< Ä?Á>?ërå¥!!!: okay first of all wentworth miller my idol and he is so HOT wooow!!!!and yeah like i just knew about him as he stared in prision break but before that he was in miriah careys film clip - (we belong together) you know that anyway and that was like so hot i can not get over it like if i had the chance of either a million dollars or or spending the day with wentworth miller i would ick wentworth anyday lol no really i would and like yeah and im not one of them reallly obsesed fan with everything of wentworth i just think that he is hot lol all i ahve is pics in my computer of him and omg you should see the pics they are so hot i have one of him on the white couch witha black suit and white shirt bare footed and he is lying on the couch laughing it is so HOT lol okay ill stop blabbering lol ok just wanted to say thats prison break number one show not just because of wentworth miller but also beacause it has a great storyline lol the only reason i watched it wen it came out was coz of him and then i actually got intrested in the story line yeah okay so for those of you who do not watch it (IM TELLING YOU, YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT ITS INTRESTING) its like better than home and away or neighbours lol okay i better go now i speak to much i just wish that it was on like at least 3 times a week or 2 lol yeah thats my thought but hey the suspence is great who am i to complain lol okay enough with that im off now <*salloutes*.> March 8, 2006 reply
  • fiona: Oh my God. This man makes me weak at the knees. From Scotland and normally watch PB on Mondays with my boyfriend thank god he cant read my mind totally glued to him. Dont normally get ridiculous over actors/celeb types but you'd need to be mad not to adore Wentworth especially when he's got the brains to go with it, luv ya loads WM xx March 9, 2006 reply
  • jodie n sammy: Wentworth miller is mine and not any of yours hes mine 4eva. me and sammy love prison break it is da best progam eva in engalnd and america cant wait till monday lv ya wentworth jodie and sammy x x x x x x. March 10, 2006 reply
  • susan: hi, im from Scotland and have always dreamed of being an actress but there aren't many Scottish actors now-a-days so i think i will find it hard to get started off. i first noticed wentworth in underworld but it wasn't a big role but since i have started watching prison break i can take my eyes off him March 10, 2006 reply
  • Ella Spain (Wentworth miller\'s biggest fan): I have never heard of Wentworth Miller till I watched Prison Break. It is the best show on earth! I also love it because I think Wentworth is so lovely, I could just kiss hes face off. I hope Wentworth will be in other films and shows because iI cant get enough of him! xxxxxxxxxxxx March 11, 2006 reply
  • rebecca: omg i love wentworth he is soooooooooooo hot and prison break is the best show ever! i used to watch the show popular but i dont remember him. could someone plz tell me who he played? i have seen dinotopia but i never really though he was hot until prison break! i look foward to every wednesday(thats when its on in australia)and i find it hard to concentate on the show coz he is so sexc!i love u WM! March 12, 2006 reply
  • kaky: i really like wenworth miller March 13, 2006 reply
  • rocky: i like it when he acted in prison break
    March 13, 2006 reply
  • katie: OMG... Wentworth miller!! well i think every coment on this thingy has been by gals! lol!! thats al i reli need to say lol!!! i need to contact his man! he reli is surper hot!! iv got my hole class hooked n prison break!! kk so thank me for the boost in ratings!! lol joke!! well i think al the comments said about wentworth are sooo true!! its gr8 how al us gals think wentworth miller is totally hot!! i dont no any1 who doesnt like him...!!! he reli is the sxyest man eva!! i neva though ny1 could beat eminem and then i saw him!! :O:O drop dead gawgus! kk i reli am starting to go on!! but i think we all need to find away of contacting him!! WENTWORTH ya gr8!! luv ya xxxxxxxxx cya everybodixx March 13, 2006 reply
  • REBECCA CUCH: Wentworth Miller is truly amazing.

    I feel like another fish in the sea.

    I cant make a unique comment cause
    everyone else has already mentioned it.

    My comments dont matter because everything I would of said has already been said.

    You should all get a life take a reality check. All of a sudden everyone wants to be an actress, so then they can get close to him.

    People like me with real dreams cant even have a chance cause there are too many try hards to compete with.

    Leave him alone and dont envade his privacy.

    Rebecca ,South Australia. March 14, 2006 reply
    • xXxKloxXx: yeh well rebeacca couch or woteva ya name is... most of us no we dont hav a chance... but its stil nice to dream!! nd u dont sound the nicest of people so u reli r kidding ya self!! 4 al the fans that like to dream of havin wentworth dont take rebecca advise and 'get a life' because we all love wentworth and dreaming aint gona hurt!! SO KEEP IT UP!! we al love ya wentworth xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx nd we wud al love to be wiv u!! xcept rebecca cus ya no she dont like dreaming and she seems boring so i would leave her March 15, 2006 reply
  • REBECCA CUCH: Wentworth Miller is fantastic.

    I wish you all the luck in the world.

    Keep up the good work!!!!


    Rebecca - South Australia March 14, 2006 reply
  • faiza: wentworth miller is the hottest guy in the world!!! i luv him he is a great actor!

    faiza xxxxxxxxxxxx March 15, 2006 reply
  • (anonymous): well first of all ad lyk 2 say tht wentworth miller is da most fittest guy in da woooorld!!!!!!!! wooooooow
    n i luv him sooooooo much!!!! he is a great actor n sooo fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv u sooo much u sxc bastad!!! n gud luk 4 da future!!!!!!! luv u xxxxxxxxxx March 15, 2006 reply
  • Tiffany: Does anyone know where I can find the photo used in this article, but in a larger size??? THANKS!!! March 15, 2006 reply
  • (anonymous): all i can say is wow and omg and FITTTTT March 17, 2006 reply
  • Amanda: I always enjoy watching Wentorth on-screen. He always gets to me in a way that no other actor does. The way he creates the character is amazing and comes so natural. I always moved by him in some way, he is so touching and in the interview, when Wentworth stated that acting allows him to touch people in some way... I thought "He is so right, and does it so well" He surely touched me. Keep up the good work Wentworth. I hope one day I'll have the honor of meeting you and not just the characters you play on screen. March 18, 2006 reply
  • natalie: omg wentworth is hotter than hot! i cant bulieve iv met him!!! i was in u.s.a i was shoppin and therer he was!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH
    I GOT HIS AUTOGRAPHY HE LOOKS BETA IN REALL LIFE!!! HOT HOT HOT!!! QTTTT love im beyzzzzz. i wish he comes ausiii!!i wana marry him March 19, 2006 reply
  • em: i watch prison break and get such a rush not only from wentworth but the program too top marks March 20, 2006 reply
  • Julia : Yea So Wentworth Miller your cute and your a great actor , I think you should try some more big hits soon.Hey if your in the show i'll watch it. March 20, 2006 reply
  • alexandra: i really find this fasinating coes i never got why people were like sooooo in looooooove with the stars ex. brad pitt or chad micael murrey i mean they are ok and stufff but then i saw wentworth and i was like omg this isnt happening i wish i would meet him he is my young girls dream (11 years) while my friends dream about chad or brad i loooovvveee him i finnally get it ohhhh its getting to much of an obsession! March 22, 2006 reply
  • Marjorie: Wentworth was born just outside the town that I was born-in and still live in England. I tape whilst watching prison break every monday. Although I think it would be better if I could purchase the series from my local video shop, as I didn't catch the start of series. I must say, that I would like to read more about Wentworth-I think he is best thing found in a while for the entertainment world. After watching the interview about prison break, it was easy to see that he was a person of breeding. Hope he's not just going to be a flash in the pan. It would be nice to see how distinguished he becomes, in both his career, and image. March 22, 2006 reply
  • Maryam: OMG, Wentworth Miller is like the hottest guy in the world. He is o handsome and good looking nad he seems like he has a great personlaity! I just cant resist his eyes!OMG THey're gorgeous, they just draw me in!!! Oh and his voice, I could just listen to hime speak all day. My friends and I go crazy over him. I wish him tons of luck inthe future. He should get more lead role in movies and in TV shows. He is the best actor next to Johnny Depp. Oh and I absolutely adore Prison Break. It wouldnt be half as good without Wentworth; and it also has a fantastic storyline. It is like my favourite TV show ever!!! Moday is officially my favourite day of the week. Too bad Prison Break is not on more than once a week (tear). I cant wait til the Season One DVD comes out!!! I really would like to be able to get in touch with Wentworth and get to know hime better. I was really inspired by his story. But me, I dont want to be an actor. Newayz, he's just sooooooooo hot, I cant believe it!!! I luv u Wentworth

    Maryam March 22, 2006 reply
  • Mary-Ann: I, also, have heard of this young man from my 16 year old daughter. (Of course, he is her new crush of the month) But i must say, after watching a couple of interviews and finding out his story (and watching that very seducing show)i must say, i am so impressed with this actor. As an "older" woman, it is so refreshing to see someone with such morals and just everything. I applaud him and he very much has my respect. March 23, 2006 reply
  • liz: I went to high school with him in broklyn.....he was a great guy then, I hope hollywood dosen't change him! March 25, 2006 reply
    • Sandy: I want to know how to get intouch with "liz" who supposidly went to hight school with him in one ever asked her any questions? why i am May 15, 2006 reply

    March 27, 2006 reply
  • LIlL MiSs ThUg3ttE: I ThINk wEnTwOrTh MiLlER Is jUS 2 fiT I lUv hiM 2 BiTz HeS thE hOtTESt ACtOr i KnO!!!
    i hOPe 2 mEeT hIm 1 daY!
    i LUv PrIsOn BrEak!
    XOxoXo March 28, 2006 reply
  • Brooke K.: Where do I start?? I started to watch prison break ..and i just fell in love with it..its an awesome show that keeps me on the edge of my couch..haha.. wentworth miller did alot in his life to get to where he is today, and i think its great that he didnt take the easy road to fame. Wentworth if your reading this.. it is my dream in life to meet you (next to going to college and having a really good career) are my favorite actor..i hope everything goes greaqt for you ..from here on out..
    luv yah
    your #1 fan
    Brookie March 28, 2006 reply
  • yazmin: I first saw him in mariahs video & from then on i just couldnt stop watching him. April 9, 2006 reply
  • DL: i love Wentworth so much he is my favorite actor. he is not only the hottest guy ive seen but he is smart also. i luv Wentworth April 13, 2006 reply
  • desi: Wentworth is so fine! i luv Prison Break now cause he is playing in it. he is so hott and can't wait to watch him in more shows! April 13, 2006 reply
  • sexy filipina babe: I totally agree with one of the fans here ,it's lucky others can't read our minds.I am totally glued with wentworth,he's adorable gorgeous,so so sexy.He's excellent actor,and with brains,wooow! I couldn't wait for each episode of PB,every monday or tuesday nights here in the UK.while my partner watches PB too and he likes it too,he never knew i so deeply adore this guy,to the lengths of having loads of pictures of Wentworth in my secret folder,I MUST BE MADLY OBSESSED WITH U WENTWORTH,lols.I know I will only be up to dreams and fantasies with WM,coz i just feel he's an unreachable STAR.

    oh dear,hv to be careful with my secret folder,lols :-D

    April 15, 2006 reply
  • shish: He is a brilliant actor who really lives the part. Prison break is my favourite show and i would love to meet him April 16, 2006 reply
  • Sarah aka GINORMOUS BP FAN :): OKAY, Prison Break-one of the best shows ever. Went is soooooooooooooo amazing, so believable. I can't wait to see the ending of the show, or until neext season :) I love you Went, you're an awesome actor and incredibly adorable, rock on :)


    Derry NH April 18, 2006 reply
  • Sarah (again): Does Went have a fan mail address I can send my letter to?? April 18, 2006 reply
  • sexy filipina babe: OMG UR SO SO SO SEXY HOT WENTWORTH! I could just be too crazy here and intensely drawn with u through what i saw on screen and what i hv read about u...and very well spoken/clever but humble guy,wow!Wish could hv bump on u while still an unknown gorgeous hot guy ,surely a lil chat over the photocopy machine will spark my day and let it alone
    experience,such a dream eh.I know it's impossible now.Like one fan said earlier,'so many fish in sea' and I think I am joining in with the plunge/swim too... of being a WM fan.

    sexy with that shaved head with lil hair.Best of luck to your acting career WM,hope to see you on more on films /TV dramas.
    lanie xxxx
    April 21, 2006 reply
  • dip: Wentworth!? *&$#$* i love this guy before he made it big in the prison break! wahhh!! April 22, 2006 reply
  • Terry: Prison Break is one of the best shows on right now. Wentworth is a great actor not to mention HOT!!!!! April 25, 2006 reply
  • Christine: Wentworth Miller is HOT, Its getting near the end of the first series and im raging, BRING BACK PRISON BREAK !!! April 26, 2006 reply
  • ashley: omg were do i start? if you are reading this wentworth millery i just want to say that when i first sore you on t.v i fall in love with you,you are my favorite actor. it is my dream in life to meet you and at least spend a day with you and only you. i hope every thing goes well for you. all i can really say about you is wow your soooo HOT and i would do anything to meet you.

    lov you wentworth miller
    love always your no#1 fan ashley xoxoxo April 26, 2006 reply
  • michal from isreal: hi! i am very happy to finnaly got to that web site because i am a big fan . i hope that wentworth will come some day to isreal.
    He's character in "prison brake" is a prisenor .
    wentwroth : if you read that come ... please May 3, 2006 reply
  • michal: wel what can i say , he looks like my brother, i'm so happy to see him and i'm happy to see went in "world war" as Dr.Adam and know in "Prison brake" .
    when i met him it was great i didn't got crazy but i got his signeture and a hug ... he were so high .. and the good thing is that i have him at home (my brother)... May 4, 2006 reply
  • Ana: Well, apart from being incredibly polite and modest, he is one of very few actors, who are actualy capable of making whole sentences in his interview statements, without giggling all the way through. What I want to say is that he's not only an exquisite actor, but also a man with a capital M, for whome I have great respect. I hope he doesn't get all machoistic and sleezy by the popularity of Prison Break, but will continue to rise as an actor and a person as well.
    I would certainly love to see him on Slovenian TV... Yummy.. :) May 7, 2006 reply
  • Ana: Well, apart from being incredibly polite and modest, he is one of very few actors, who are actualy capable of making whole sentences in his interview statements, without giggling all the way through. What I want to say is that he's not only an exquisite actor, but also a man with a capital M, for whome I have great respect. I hope he doesn't get all machoistic and sleezy by the popularity of Prison Break, but will continue to rise as an actor and a person as well.
    I would certainly love to see him on Slovenian TV... Yummy.. :) May 7, 2006 reply
  • Mrs. Wentworth Miller : SRY.. He's Taken :D May 10, 2006 reply
  • adele: hes mine get off lol hehehe
    hes the fittest guy in the world May 11, 2006 reply
  • Erika: I have to admit I am impressed with Wentworth Miller. He seems really mature and intelligent. I love that he is able to answer his interviews with complete sentences and does not stutter or say uhh...or its like...I am glad he does not do that. I am also impressed he has a degree in literature. Literature is one of my favorite subjects. May 16, 2006 reply
  • ruby: well, where shall I start the guys so fine, hot and such a cutie. I think I am in love.
    when ever monday comes my eyes are on the telly.
    the program prison break is soo good especialy with him.
    i love miller times infinity May 17, 2006 reply
  • nicole: omg wenthworth is my long lost love if i meet him omg i would cry!!!!!!!! my friends think i have a problem coz i love him so much awwwwwwwwww if i meet him omg omg omg i love his show and i love him i have like so many posters of him and me and my sister fight about who loves more her or me
    well love u lots and lots weenty May 19, 2006 reply
  • lilmisangel: Well, Where do i start ( I am in love) I don't have enough words to describe how much I like him and the Movie, and one of the biggest reasons that I watch the "Prison Break" is that Wentworth Miller is playing in it. Every monday at 8 o'clock is movie time and no one exist during the movie. I really would like to meet him cause I love him so much. I want to see his great shine eyes which attracts me the most . All my friends love him. He is fine, smart and everything, Wanna mary him,that all i have to say. and also luck those who meet and know him. I wish i was one of his friends. Love you WENTWORTH bye May 19, 2006 reply
  • juls: omg OMG OMG OMG..
    i lOOve wentworth miller soooo much..hes sooo HOT & sexy & OMGG hes just TOO BOOTIFUL.
    like if i were ever to meet him i would literally JUMP in his arms and ask him to marry me even if he is 33 years old =[...PRISON BREAK is the best show and i have never loved any one SO MUCH that doesnt even noe I exist..awwwwwwwww yumm...xx wentworth miller LOOVES juls..:D May 20, 2006 reply
  • Anonna: When i first started watching Prison Break i wasn't so intersted on Went but after watching couple of the epasodes i fell in love with him (but i always thought his handsome & good looking). He is definitely a great actor (my favourite) and his got gorgeous eyes (lovely). I specially like the way he acts with Sarah (the doctor). I couldn't watch last night epasode so i wake up 6:30 in the morning today to watch it as my younger brother recorded it. So i just wish him a very best of luck with his future as i know he'll do well. best wishes & love from Ann! May 23, 2006 reply
  • lilangel:): hey, i don't know what to say, he is smart, cute and everything you can think of. Prison Break is my favorite TV show, I watch it every Monday. I live in LA and the movie will be back this fall and i can't wait to see next episode. I wish i could to meet Wentworth Miller, I hope he is the same person as in the movie, I meen the way he thinks about his brother nad everything about him is great, i want him to be that way because that is the person i love and I know you probably get asked this all the time but i would like to know if there is an email address i can contact wentworth on or any other way i would be able to send him an email/letter. if i can't meet him at least i would like to send him a letter and Please reply either way with good or bad news just so i know. PLEASE. thank you May 23, 2006 reply
  • Laura: I love Wentworth's acting, and I want to become an actress too!! I also think that he is really, really hot, and seems like a sweet person! June 4, 2006 reply
  • Lexie: Well 1st of all a unique name for a unique guy. There's no doubt he's the hottest actor shocking the waves. As for the casting crew, sly devil you, I just got the 1st part of the 1st season DVDs and i bet you so did a trillion gals out there just so we can ogle at the yummy yummy Went, and hell i'm willing to pay any sum for all other DVDs to come. I'm a 20 something lady and i thought i was over stupid celeb crushes but damn i been searching all over the net just so i can get some kind of connection and i know i'm not the only one. I am shocked that he is single and that don't make my life any easier. All i gotta say is there is one hell of a lucky lady in the waiting, that's the one that will bag this juicy guy. June 6, 2006 reply
  • ayesha zaffar: how do i meet wentworth, or get in touch???? June 7, 2006 reply
  • rebecca gallardo: he is so hot i wish i could meet him for my 11th birthday.pleasssssssssssssssse June 11, 2006 reply
  • Kelly: Hey!I just wanted to say that I love Wentworth Miller-"Stinky!"He is an amazing actor,and is totally hot!I love watching Prison Break just to see him!:-)He must come and visit Cape Town sometime so he can visit me!(I wish!-But then again don't we all!)If he reads this WELL DONE WENT!:-)Your so great and awesome!Love Kelly!(your future friend!) June 13, 2006 reply
  • max: whats up! you are amazing.

    your story shows that we should never giveup on our dreams and always stand our ground! In south africa the gals are crazy about u.U are in every mag and always on t.v...! your role in the human stan was really good, well i hough so!

    p.s u should work out a tinywiny bit more, you if you want the gals haning at your feet.

    max June 18, 2006 reply
  • jenny: Hi There

    I would really like to know if you guys have ever mat him or talk to him or do you guys see him or get in touch with him.

    Kind Regards
    Jenny June 28, 2006 reply
  • Naina : OMG he is so nice!!! he is a really good actor. i just love his acting. the way he looks the way he talks an the he smile ohh he's gorgeous. i really miss him now as prison break finished but cant wait till next year. i'm so looking forward to watch it. come back soon wenty i'm waiting 4 u...xXXx June 30, 2006 reply
  • umar : wentworth miller is the most fittest goy on earth and ilove his acting 6/8/06 July 7, 2006 reply
  • michelle zhang: hi,Wentworth Miller,u created a perfect Michael Scofield,thank u!
    ---hello from shanghai July 8, 2006 reply
  • connie: ok right i am wentworths biggest fan and you lot dont love him as much as me so why dont you but out of his life and leave him alone OK? Love ya babez mwah luv ya ldz n ldz n ldz more than any of these ppl. DONT DATE MARIAH CAREY SHE IS A FUGLY COW!!!
    x x conni x x July 10, 2006 reply
  • danny siddons: I think prison break was the best ever thing theve put on TV and u r a good actor whith a mean tattoo and cant wait for next series bad man! would you really do that for your brother in real life?
    oh n that doctor is proper 100% fit! July 10, 2006 reply
  • chinese viewer: I like "prison break",we watched the tv-series in three times,though we had final the next day,I reviewed until 23:00,then I watched it until 8;00 with my roommates.we were mad for we attracted by the wonderful polt.pb is the best tv i ever seen. July 10, 2006 reply
  • jessica reynolds: I cant stop thinking about him, i know thats sad, but i am never like this, and the horrible thing is i will never meet hime, how depressing is that. July 11, 2006 reply
  • Min-Jung Yi : I'm watching this pilot thesedays.

    I saw Wentworth in the Dinotopia movie first.

    I've never thought that drama is

    so cool. and also his acting is the best.

    I like his last words in the interview.
    " the road has been what it's been..."

    It seems to me that his saying show my mind.

    I hope that he will be the best actor.

    From . South Korea July 16, 2006 reply
  • daisy: hiya wentworth iz da best !! h es such a gud actor nd soo fitt . please could you send me hes address so i can write 2 him . please please please please. write bak pleas bi xx.x.x..x.x.x July 23, 2006 reply
  • s.b: ur so sexy wentworth ive wrote be4 but ur toooo hard to resist i luv ya babes cya sexc July 24, 2006 reply
  • REBECCA CUCH: When i was a kid all i wanted was
    a horse and knowing that i'l never get one absolutly killed me. Now i am experiencing that feeling again, all i want is to meet wentworth miller. July 24, 2006 reply
  • Maena: A very inspiring read, very honest person who is in tune with himself, down to earth, hope more offers come you way, "Be Good" July 31, 2006 reply
  • yuritzy: Me encanta la serie de la rotura de la prision yo soy de mexico,y solo puedo decir ke me encanta la historia el hecho de como un hermano puede sacrificar tanto e incluso su propia libertad,acambo de comprobar la de su hermano...!!es fantastica!!.
  • emily: i love prision break and i carnt wait to find out if u escape. u r 1 of my favourite actors. the fist time i saw u i didnt forget the face. all the other girls that have written seem desparate 4 u and i see why. in the future i would love to meet you. August 5, 2006 reply
  • Tracey: It has to be said, he is the finest specimen of a man I have ever seen. When I first saw him in Mariah Carey's video, I thought wow and thank god for Prison Break. Wentworth, if you ever fancy a change or a trip to the Emerald Isle, I will gladly show you around.... Keep up the good work! August 9, 2006 reply
  • alexandrina: i love him.he is most beautiful men in hollywood.and amazing actior.
    Wentworth I LOVE YOU August 12, 2006 reply
  • Star: I too am head over heels for Wentworth.. I have been following his career since "The Human Stain"-- where his performance, sexiness & those gorgeous EYES captivated me, and still he does in "Prison Break"! omg, I think he's even sexier now!
    My dream is to meet him one day.. I find his intelligence, perseverance, mixed race background and since of humor soooo attractive. I have not been moved so deeply (and had this big of a crush!) on a star like I do with Wentworth in a loooong time. Went.. if you ever read this fan stuff (which i highly doubt) you would make my year if you sent me an email to: -- you just seem like the coolest person to hang out with, so down to earth which is hard to find in Hollywood. I went to college up in the L.A area so I know how life is up there. I'm sure Prison Break keeps him busy!! lol
    Wentworth-- keep plugging away, we all believe in you and know you are going to be a HUGE STAR!
    : ) August 20, 2006 reply
  • Furryminge: What a truly gorgeous man in every sense of the word. Truly handsome, truly intelligent and truly gifted. He deserves all the adoration. August 21, 2006 reply
  • nancy: i was wondering if i can get an autograph from wentworth miller? or the address i can send a letter to. i would apriciate it. my birthday is coming soon october 17th August 22, 2006 reply
  • wentworth fan: Just want to big up Wentworth Miller .. He is hott and so sexyyy .. Prison Break rocks . Thats one of the best show i ever came across..Wentworth Milller stay sweet ..:P I would love to meet wentworth one day but i no it woden happen ...:( August 23, 2006 reply
  • Waiki: Think he is different that he not only is good looking, but he looks so very intelligent. Good thing is, it seems that he really is very intelligent in real life. I watched Human Stain a long while ago. He made an impression but I didn't try to look him up at that time. Then I remembered seeing him in Joan of Acadia, where he appeared a mysterious who has a devilish feel in him. To bad that JOA off the air after that season when he was introduced. Anyway, the character in Prison Break, Michael, totally cash in to Miller's image as a intelligent and determined person. August 25, 2006 reply
  • zainab: i think wentworth is really a loving person and lots of people would love to marry him. August 27, 2006 reply
  • a fan: i just started watching prison break and im addicted to it... i finished season 1 in like a week. haha, sad i kno. and episode 2 of season 2 is on tonight so im pumped! but yeah wentworth miller is handsome, intelligent and a wonderful actor. the one great thing about him is that he's a private person, he keeps his private life separate from his career and thats a good thing because not many actors and actresses do and then they go complain about paparrazzi and what not. went, on the other hand, ive never seen him with a date or anything to these award shows or hear him talk about anyone. August 28, 2006 reply
  • Lexa: I envy the courage he had to follow his dream(s) and be happy.
    August 28, 2006 reply
  • Dew: I think Wentworth Miller is a brilliant actor, he seems intelligent and he's handsome (though I'm a straight guy)..I mean c'mon, can you tell how many races he descends from?

    Anyway, I love Prison Break, it's one of the best shows I've ever watched and a lot of credit goes to Wentworth for his talents. Hopefully he'll continue to expand his acting career and have a great one. :) August 28, 2006 reply
  • imanuella: hi. i am 14 years old and live in south africa. i just wanna say that wentworth miller is the most gorgeous guy on the planet. is there any address i can contact him by? September 1, 2006 reply
  • Carrie Louise White: Wentworth Miller is amazing.not only is he gorgeous but he seems really interesting,like sum1 you could talk 2 for hours and not get bored! there is something very mysterious about him. September 2, 2006 reply
  • Carrie Louise: crazy question but any suggestions how I could get the chance to meet Wentworth Miller? The majority of his websites and fans clubs only give his i said b4, he seems really interesting so id love the chance to get more information about him. September 2, 2006 reply
  • georgie: even though im only 15 i think wentworth is the sexiest man ive ever seen hes so beautiful! i love u wentworth!!!!! xx September 4, 2006 reply
  • *Tawny*: I am absolutley infatuated with Wentworth Miller
    he is the SEXIEST man on the planet and a phenominal actor its not every day you find such a SEXY SEXY man that actually has brains too!!!! If i were to ever see him i'd probly have a panic attack then ask him to marry me 5 minutes later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU WENTWORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XOXO September 5, 2006 reply
  • Sly: C'est le plus beau acteur de cet planet;
    Dommage qu'il ne soit pas en France!!
    Bisous Français!! September 12, 2006 reply
  • chloe: hey your show rocks you are so hot! September 13, 2006 reply
  • lyla: heyy I just wanted to say that I love watchin prision break it really intrestin I ever missed it at all wentwort is the sexiest guy wentworth love you xoxoxo muahhzzz<333 September 16, 2006 reply
  • Julie: The show is really great, not just because Wentworth is in it but the story is interesting also. LOL. The only bad side is that it is torture to wait for new episodes. As for Mr. Miller, Brat Pit is going to have to move over, Wentworth already took his place in hearts of women of all ages. Good job Wentworth and good luck. September 19, 2006 reply
  • Hati: Okay,my english is bad but I just want to say how this man is cute:"BEAU GOSSE!" in french! Prison Break is a really interesant story not like others! September 27, 2006 reply
  • Maddison Ives: Wentworth seems like an interesting person. Id like to meet him , i am an aspiring actress and just think he is someone to really look up to. October 1, 2006 reply
  • Patricia T: It's amazing how a person's drive can get them so far.

    What an honour to be casted with Anthony Hopkins.

    October 1, 2006 reply
  • Jo: Well, it seems that I have something in common with you all, and that is an overwhelming desire for Wentworth. Oh, he's soooo hot, I love watching him in Prison Break. But he also seems so sweet and down to earth in his interviews. I've no interest in becoming an actress, but an actor's wife ...well.... October 2, 2006 reply
  • spicy chick: oh boy.I don't like him.I ADORE him.if I see him I'll Kiss him January 19, 2007 reply
  • Geraldo: What a great storieeee ! Very interesting and it seems like Stinky has a passion for acting and excellence ! Nice I like ! So, if, Stinky himself ever reads this I would like to say that you are an amazing actor and acting is your #1 strength and Prison Break is my favorite show, got all the episodes too before everybody else, this is a secret don't tell anybody how I did this. :) Well, Miller I wish you the Best and if you ever need another actor you can teach me, and I don't need to get paid, It would be an honour to work with someone of your type. God bless everybody in the world and let your inner kindness suround everyone around you !

    Take care !

    Geraldo... :) January 19, 2007 reply
  • sonia: j'émerai bien te rencotré January 21, 2007 reply
  • Camille: Je l'adore. Non seulment il est canon mais non seulmenta ce qu'il parait il est très sympa
    I love you Went!!!!!!!!! January 24, 2007 reply
  • Ruß!: Went: I think you're a great person and an incredible actor you're just like the perfect guy I would ever like to meet. You deserve everything you have achieved and even more because you are justa awsome I like well no I love your work very much you're justa like an example for the children that if you want something and you work hard you'll get what you deserve, want and even more... I think you're the best person in all the whole world I hope you a carrer full of goals and remember that you are INCREDIBLE( and of course very handsome) something that called my attention was your humanity and caritative side you're a very sweet person .. I don´t have words to best describe my admiration to you( I really like your job at PRISON BREAK, I think that your personage is very very intelligent just like you, it's a very good story and I hope that it stills being on air because it's an honor to admire you and see a grat job such like yours) I love you very much the kind of person you're and the impressionant talent you have... like I said it's very big my admiration to you that there are not words in this world to best describe how much I like and appreciate a person that had worked to reach his dream you're my example thanks for everything you've given me through your job it's the best gift that a person could ever give me... My name is Rubi I´m from Mexico I have 12 years and excuse if my english isn't very good jeje I'm trying to explain all my adimration the best I can. I LOVE AN ADMIRE YOU WENT. Good luck in everything you realize and propose. January 24, 2007 reply
  • yoyoÒ£Ò£: you know, you've been sweeping up all over the world^@^,I am Chinese and our traditional biggest festival-Spring Festival is coming, happy may you live! And I hope you could come to China! January 25, 2007 reply
  • herani mulu: hi! my name is herani mulu. i am from ethiopia. i just want to say that ilove you wentworth miller. and i always admire you. i never known since i saw prison break . i just....
    herani mulu
    email me please. January 25, 2007 reply
  • (anonymous): Hello,

    I just want to know if Wentworth has a girlfriend. January 25, 2007 reply
  • Beth*: Ok well i just came onto this site by accident trying 2 check out this totally gor-ge-o-so pic of my future husband (yes i no more than a million people feel that way but DAMN can u blame me)and i coulnd believe all the people who posted their comments especially the one about the photo of him on the couch (that photo has been my desktop background 4 months i cant bear to change it ( agen can u blame me?) and to dat dipshit rebbecca cruch or whoeva da hell u r . . . SCREW U!!!! if you hav such an issue with wentworth miller y were u on this site? suck on that boring cow and i agree that wentworth (who u clealy r obsessed with) should meet every one else on this site except u. and da chick who met him.would totally luuurve 2 b u. ok il finish my novel now coz i gotta get hold of Marias music vid and that buffy episode. heehee. toodles. Wentworth rules (Great acting, looks, personallity, humour. this guys got it all) January 27, 2007 reply
  • andreea(from Romania): well what can i say boyfriend had a very awsome night every night we were watching prison in Romania is a saying that can be translated like this...."you are fit for this role like a glove fits into a hand"......wish you the best........wish you don't loose your had over money...because you will be the next hottest guy in hollywood...and i don't know what to say i'm 27 years old and it's amaizing what's happening with me when i see you.....The best of luck from Romania. January 30, 2007 reply
  • Mirela: Hi, my name is Mirela and Wentworth is so HOOOOOOOOOOOOT, he is making me rethink my decision to marry my fiancee... February 6, 2007 reply
  • Martyna: I LOVE WENTWORTH MILLER!!!!:)
    I LOVE PRISON BRESAK!!!!:) February 9, 2007 reply
  • Vicky: Wentworth Miller is so incredabley gorgeous, i'm a very very lucky lady indeed because my bf is more or less a blonde haired blue eyed version of miller. But wow, he is gorgeous, it dosnt get much better than that dose it ? And from reading interviews he seems liek a really nice genuine guy , all i can say is the girls he likes are very very very lucky girls. And yeah i l-o-v-e prison break, i sit there on the edge of my seat shouting 'c'mon mcihael' lol abit weird i know =p
    vicky February 10, 2007 reply
  • morjiana: i love you me baby
    il est trop beau!!!! February 11, 2007 reply
  • tara: me encanta como actuas eres guapisimo pienso q sabes meterte de lleno en los personajes y pues eso q tambien eres guapisimo jejeje las palmas de gran canaria un besito tara y cristina February 13, 2007 reply
  • Kate: Wentworth is thee hottest guy ever!! He is an amazing actor! Prison Break is the best show out there and it's all because of Wentworth. Wentworth is so gorgeous, and dreamy. I've seen him on talk shows and he is so interesting!! What's after PB?? I don't care what show he goes on..I'll still be the # 1 fan!!
    I love you Wentworth, and it's my dream to meet you someday!!!! love Kate :) March 5, 2007 reply
  • Bridget: Rebecca Cuch u r soooo hypercritical u r bagging every1 4 leaving a comment sayin that we're all try hards, but i guess that makes u 1 2 as u left a comment and said how bad u wanna meet him, just like every1 else, whose 2 say all the people on this site wanna b an actress just to meet him maybe they to really wanna be an actress jus like u reakon u do, i wasn't even gonna leave a comment but read ur's and it really fired me up, so grow up, stop critising people you don't even no and most of all STOP BEING A HYPERCRIT!!!!! ps WENTWORTH MILLER IS AMAZING!!!!!! I havn't missed 1 ep since it started my appluse goes out to the director and wentworth miller's fine acting March 7, 2007 reply
  • Christie : Ohhh my gosh U R THE MOST SEXIEST GUY in the whole world i dont think anyone can beat ur sexiness u r just to sexy for this world u make every other actor in hollywood look ugly and u stand out of the crowd LOVE UR BIGGEST FAN IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD love always Christie March 7, 2007 reply
  • celeste: OMG.OMG.OMG. Wentworth is the HOTTEST MAN to ever walk this planet. He's gorgeous, talented, great personality and he's clever. My whole bedroom wall is COVERED with him. I have every episode of Prison Break on dvd, and i am looking very forward to the second season coming out. I search the web every day, I scan magazines every day, just hoping to get a glimpse of this GORGEOUS man..... I LOVE WENTWORTH. March 7, 2007 reply
  • kathy: i really love wentworth miller!!!! he's so hot..he's the man i've been waiting for, how i wish he'll have another movie i'll be the first one to watch it..goddamn i love him so much!!!! March 9, 2007 reply
  • Patricia: Whenever you decide to visit Portugal, just for you to know that you have many fans here. Glad for your existence, for your work... March 11, 2007 reply
  • tania: Hello I am tania and I am of Spain of Barcelona, decirte that if algua time you come to Barcelona you liked is very pretty. I am a great one fan yours not lost me and no series that you have done and that you follow and that you are going to arrive far but, bua!!! what will given by see in person. enormous kiss for you and if you can respond thing that I doubt because you was worked,An enormous hug and you never change.
    tania March 13, 2007 reply
  • Donia: Wow seems like you had a lot of ups and downs. But you still rock. Your like one of the best actors you get people to believe in your character. I really want to go to princeton when I'm eighteen. I just hope I'm lucky enough to get in. :S:D March 15, 2007 reply
  • sheherazaad: i really admire u wentworth.and am just soooooo happy for you.u deserved it, and u'll get even higher than that,coz if U r the only person who can make ur dream become ur world itself. March 25, 2007 reply
  • izette south_africa: wenworth, brad pitt has got nothing on you! March 28, 2007 reply
  • mmaaaf: Well, I would love to meet Went!I think is a great actor, but I don't know how to contact him and get a REAL answer from him!
    Can you help me about this?
    I would like to get informations like the city where he is right now (living or working) and his adress!

    Thanks!* March 30, 2007 reply
  • nunia: helo went ,
    you save my life.tank you.
    i was on the botom and dont wanted to be on this world,but naw i have reason to help me so much.tanks once more.
    March 30, 2007 reply
  • Joselyn: mmmm...i fell in love with Wentworth when i watched prison break...i havent yet seen the human stain but trust me i would love to watch not only cuz i LOVE Wentworth but cuz i am sure with him in it ist gone be a movie over worth watching.
    i dont just love this guy i am soooo obsessed with him so much my boyfriend get jealous i have posters of you everywhere in my room and on my computer at work and at totally rock...keep up the good attitude and you gone rise above the stars... April 2, 2007 reply
  • mare: wentworth and prison break is the best... croatia is the best we are first of world cup in waterpolo...i love you wentworth
    April 3, 2007 reply
  • Lillian : I love Prison Break. And i think Wentworth Miller, seems like such a beautiful, down to earth person! No wonder you got so many fans!! :) April 3, 2007 reply
  • Ashley: Hmm..I'm slightly reluctant to post this after skimming the majority of the other comments here…but nonetheless, I am very happy that I found this article.

    I'm a senior in college right now pursing a degree in Business Administration. With graduation a few months away, I have been pondering the: "What's next" question for quite some time now. I am torn between continuing to follow the business route or attempting to realize my lifelong dream of becoming an actress...So I supposed I’m somewhat fortunate that my roommate introduced me to Prison Break a few weeks ago, and consequently Wentworth Miller.

    This article was extremely inspirational to me because the decision that Wentworth went though after college is so similar to the one that I am currently faced with. I have been acting my entire life...Along with dancing, singing, and playing the flute, and piano. I had my first solo when I was six years old, but I stopped seriously pursing the arts in college as well. Acting was never viewed as a viable career path by any of my peers, teachers, or parents...Only as a great hobby to have on the side. Throughout my college career, it seemed like the admirable thing to do was to go to law school or med school...or obtain a finance or consulting position. However, my lifelong dream to become an actress has never faltered…So I have decided that "If I don't give this a try...I'll be wondering if I ever could have made as an actress it for the next 60 years of my life…" I also know that I have always succeeded at everything I have put my mind to...Simply because I don't give up until I achieve it. I know that this burning desire inside of me will never be put to rest until I give this a shot. At this point in time, this is causing a great deal of trouble between me and my parents…but reading this article gave me a nice boost of inspiration at a difficult decision making point in my life. Thanks! April 4, 2007 reply
  • Gina: Wentworth Miller.....actually Michael.....what a character!!! Congratulations to the authors of this story because they made from Wentworth a sex simbol!! Yes,he is really hansom but the thruth is that the character created in the movie made him irezisteble!! Wentworth congratulation for the way that you play your character ...when I see the way that you play I have the sensation that I drunk 50 pep-pill drinks. April 9, 2007 reply
  • yezdan: wentworth ý love you so much and one day i will find you :) April 9, 2007 reply
  • celina: wow!
    proof that a man can be worth drooling over; heavens must have generously donated such a gorgeous creation! may an evil eye never cast upon his looks, amen! April 10, 2007 reply
  • egzit: i woud like introdus my seif my name is egzit negusu 18 yers oid i live in ethiopia the ciyt addis abeba i hopp you send me i have't words to say i admird you by theway i hate t.bag you aer being a famese in the worled mygender female i'm actress in ethiopia and i.m lerning holyland art academy college next year i graduate i wish long live for you i hopp to givefeed back i live in ethiopia usually we known by atheletics i have abeautifull country the ethiopia language in amharik for example thank you in amharik amesgnalhu i'm acatolic reloglion follwer thenk you so mauh by give you feed back April 15, 2007 reply
  • Ashlea: If i ever got to know such an inspirational person i would be lucky, a guiding hand is always a help in to success and following your dreams,

    I dont know you wentworth but if i did you could count on a good friendship!!! sexy, sweet and mystirious only if there were more like you!!

    Good luck in all you do n if my dreams come true i would be your leading lady on (and off) screen if im lucky April 15, 2007 reply
    • Vânia: ASHLEY:

      I'm posting because after reading your post I felt you needed a few words of encouragement. I think you should always follow your heart, and it's obvious that acting is what you're passionate about, right? :) You'll never be happy if you're always trying to satisfy everyone but yourself. You go, girl! :) I wish you all the luck in the world. xxx

      If, by any chance, you ever read this post, I wish to tell you that you truly are an inspiration. It's a complete delight to watch your work. And I never miss an interview, because you always have interesting views on everything. I love the way you are, I mean, you seem to be someone pretty passionate and yet quite calm and mature. I can relate to a lot of the things you say, which relieves my occasional feelings of solitude. :) I love my friends but sometimes I feel that noone around me really feels things the way I do, I feel they see the world in a different way, which makes me feel like a freak sometimes... :) Well, I wish you all the luck in the world for your work and I hope you find someone to share your success with! :) because love's still the most important thing in the whole wide world!

      Lot's of love,

      (Portugal) May 15, 2007 reply
  • sue: i just wanted 2 tell ya that im soooo in love with ya and my friends think im going crazy coz they have never seen me over a guy like that before but ur not just a guy ur a FUKEN SEXY MACHINEE HOLLA BACKK LOVE 2 FUKEN DEATH.. love u :D CYAAAA April 21, 2007 reply
  • thania lizbeth ortega peña: la serie de prison break ha sido la mejor que he visto en toda la vida wenworth estas super y mega guapo te adoro cada que te veo en la tv me muero de la emocion eres un chico super hermoso todos en mexico adoran en serie te quiero mucho y cada dia veo tus fotos y posters . cuidate mucho y ojala y pronto salga la tercera temporada de la serie la estare esperando por fox y por favor espero y pronto verte en una pélicula te amo. April 30, 2007 reply
  • rainbows for luck: he is so totally fit i mean you dont get much betta than his sexy body do yah? May 5, 2007 reply
  • Ego Fancy: Wentworth is the dream of so many girls, advice for miller before he get married, come down to Nigeria, come to me for true love because your fore fathers are fron Africa. I'm not dreaming what I feel is real. Come back home. May 6, 2007 reply
  • uzma hanif: i think wentworth is boom hoe should make lots og other progrrame sin the future May 10, 2007 reply
  • gianna fella: HI wentworth miller my name is gianna fella and i am from cyprus. your the most popular man of my mind. i lost my mind on you and i allways hope to see you face to face. my pc is full of your photosand my walls of my bedroom. when i dance i look your photos and i hope to see you too close. i see now the second sesson with my family. by the way i love you so so so so much and you are the most sexy man in the world. i hope to answer to me... with love and kisses gianna!! May 12, 2007 reply
  • Sari: He has done so well within himself lets hope that he stays himself??? It's the big dollars that changes a person!!!! May 18, 2007 reply
  • Despoina (Grecce): i'm in love with WENTWORTH MILLER i don't know what must to do!!!

    with love
    xxx May 19, 2007 reply
  • zara hussain: your good and hot i watch your movies and reapets every day May 19, 2007 reply
  • kelly: wentworth miller is the most gorgous guy eva not only that he is soooooooo smart i hope to meet him one day.

    i luv u miller
    luv kelly
    May 19, 2007 reply
  • maryam: hii, u are all over the world i mean i am in kuwait and all the people i know are in love with u and ur acting,,,, anyway i think that that stare u got with ur eyes it just nocks me off it's so i just don't know how to get the presice words to say anyway

    just wanted u to know u r one of a kind May 20, 2007 reply
  • Joyce Ocampo: God! I love Wentworth Miller. I have watched the whole 1st and 2nd season of Prison Break thrice and still im craving for more...
    When is the 3rd seson gonna be shown? I can't wait to see it..

    Hey Wentworth advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY...
    You know what, i have the same birthdate as you...

    I love you Wentworth..
    Marry me! May 20, 2007 reply
  • ana : Wentworth Miller you are the sexiest guy ever and you are great actor too.I live in Croatia and i really want meet you.I watch your show all the time and bought cd-es with your show.On our tv now is second season and I can hardly wait for your third season. Sorry, if I spelled something wrong. With love Ana.Kiss, kiss from Slavonski Brod from Croatia May 22, 2007 reply
  • tope makay: hi, tope makay! wentworth is a great & talented actor. i love his role in prison break. he really understands michael scofield well. i cant wait to see how season3 would turn out to be, cos i know wentworth would make scofield turn out to be awesome. i love wentworth's eyes and im still dazed @ the fact that his right eye is hazel & his left eye is green. he's one of a kind! May 24, 2007 reply
  • tope makay: prison break is so hot! the whole concept is very good.the whole of prison break cast are very talented, everyone did their part well, especially wentworth miller. miller is great!
    May 25, 2007 reply
  • daniella: i love wentworth miller i think that his so hot and sexy

    i know that most people love wentworth but i love him more than every on May 30, 2007 reply
  • that gurl steph????: hottest guy in the world i think! :p love that boii right there! by the waii wiked story May 30, 2007 reply
  • Hannah: He is 34 years old maryam, and single. He says he is married to the show.

    i love him more that all of you do! i have seen all of his work.
    beat that bitches! May 31, 2007 reply
  • Sara Rambart: I just wanted to say how much I enjoy Prison Break and as much as I find Wentworth Miller attractive, the show as a whole is really enjoyable to watch. It is coming to the end of its second series and I do hope there is going to be a third. It would be great to be able to get in touch with him as after reading his biography he seems a lovely person outside of the show and seems to be an intelligent, genuinely nice guy.

    June 1, 2007 reply
  • Moldavia: Happy birthday Wenworth...... June 1, 2007 reply
  • leen: i love wentworth miller and he's my favourit actor . i wish i can see him but i can't . i love prison break so much . and miller is soooooooooooo handsom . i really want his email .

    bye June 18, 2007 reply
  • leen: hey , my name is leen and i'm 23 years old. i love miller so much and he's my favourit actor . i mean , if someone asks me , who's the one that you really wanna meet ? i'll say stinky . by the way that's a cool nick name . but i still don't understand , why your nick name is stinky ?
    bye bye

    i love you stinky and you're the best June 18, 2007 reply
  • olivia: I just wanna say how drop-dead gorgeous wentworth miller is!!! oh gosh...I loooove him so much!!! if ever i would be given the chance to meet someone, i really would grab the chance to see him!!! June 23, 2007 reply
  • Milagros: Hi, I'm sure you are never gonna actually read this, but oh well... I just wanna say congratulations! It's amazing when somebody does anything to make their dreams come true. I think there are so many actors that are nothing but a pretty face; but in your case, you're not only beautifull: you seem to be a really nice guy, smart and interesting, even though you consider yourself to be fairly boring!

    Anyway, I admire people who have the brains to get a college dregree (I'm an architecture student, actually), and then have the guts to perssue an artistic career. It must be the hardest choise to make. But, hell, you made it! You lucky bastard hahaha (ok, lucky, talented?)

    It's so nice to see you're so down to earth! I hope you stay that way.

    OK I feel like I'm talkin' to myself by now... good luck, keep up the good work, Prison Break its amazing!


    Mili, all the way from Argentina... June 23, 2007 reply
  • (anonymous): he is fantastic!!! beautiful,nice,sexy........ a great actor and when he is singing that´s great. I want to know him better.littlestork July 4, 2007 reply
  • sarah: i love wentworth miller , i think he is the sexiest guy in the whole world July 16, 2007 reply
  • Monica: First of all, he is a very good actor. And he's HOT! Very hot. Kisses from Romania. July 28, 2007 reply
  • Bethany: Wentworth Miller.. Is So Gorgeous!

    I Was So Annoyed When I Found Out His Actual Age. =[
    He Seems Younger!!

    I Would Love To Meet Him.
    Never Knew He Used To Live In Chipping Norton.. That's Near Me!!


    July 29, 2007 reply
  • elena: From Romania all the best for you. August 7, 2007 reply
  • fuad nurhussen: I love Wentworth miller like my brother.He is a nice actor.any one who wont to wright about wentworth miller with me welcom,hear is my e-mail address August 10, 2007 reply
  • colette:D: hey i love wentworh miller hes so fit hes amazing i love prison break aswell its so fun but im in england so i dont get is as fast!!:( but i still love it and wentworth miller xx:) August 10, 2007 reply
  • jasmin : Wentworth Miller is so sexy in prison break I loves this series naja greets us Germany August 11, 2007 reply
  • shame: IM IN MY 40!S but to tell you im madly seriously in love with wentworth miller. to think that im married although my husband is working abroad and have 4 kids. i have so many sleepless night thinking of him. all i can say is that I LOVE YOU WENTWORTH?? August 13, 2007 reply
  • lolade: i am in love with this guy.i wish you could come to my country,NIGERIA.kodos to you went. August 15, 2007 reply
  • yasemin: Hi Im yasemin in the Turkey WENTWORTH MÝLLEE very handsome ý love you wentworth kiss you byee August 22, 2007 reply
  • visitor: It's so unusual to find an actor who is so sincere and down-to-earth. It's funny how captured everyone is. The problem with actors is it's so easy to confuse the real person with their character. It's sometimes disappointing to find that often times, actors differ so much from the wonderful characters they try to portray. So this is a refreshing change. Hopefully Hollywood won't stain him.
    As a side note, it's amusing how young he looks for a 35 year old. Maybe it's the shaved head. August 22, 2007 reply
  • Justyna: hey!!! I see we all love Wenthworth Miller, he got so magic eyes, his voice is amazing, i pity him, he has got so many admirers :P Wenth we all admire U, I wish U a lot of happness
    (sorry for mistakes :P) August 27, 2007 reply
  • amy: hi. i pure LOVE wentworth miller. ur so cute!!! im only 12 and had a crush on u since i first saw u in prison break!
    please reply cos it would mean the world 2 me! August 31, 2007 reply
  • Sarah: Wow!! This article only makes me love Wentworth Miller more:)I love you Wentworth!!! September 3, 2007 reply
  • Lola: Would you do the same thing if you had that kinde situation? In a real life? Would you at least try

    :) September 18, 2007 reply
  • Jo: Wenty, you are amazing! An inspiration to us all. Email me please... October 3, 2007 reply
  • zoe: wentmorth is certainly a looker...i love his acting an i think as a person hes simply nice...carnt give him all the credit the other actors and actress were amazing aswell....oooo i live in oxfordshire and would love to no where he lived in there xx October 4, 2007 reply
  • Gunshan: Hi Im from Azerbaijan!There wasnt any part of "Prison Break" that I missed:)Actually I like Miller very much he is so attractive,clever and sure:) But specially his look make a person bother!The PB is super serial and has super actors! I wish u be happy and sure forever u r worth it,and one detail, with Sarah u r very belong together Id like to see u in real life together its just my wish:)If u anytime read it please give any e-mail that we can consort with u KISS U very very much! October 5, 2007 reply
  • viviane : hi wenteorth i am from germany i am your biggest fan from germany i love Prison Break i would ti be acting you are my Practicing but i am 13 and in germany comes not so much i hope you ask me back bey *KISS* *KISS* October 15, 2007 reply
  • eveline heertasada: hallo michael scolfield...or wentworth miller... i can't say anything about him..he's very sexy,very cool,very smart, i realy-realy love him very much...
    his eyes make me like him so much..,miller i hope i see you soon.. October 16, 2007 reply
  • courtney hathawy: Dear Went worth miller
    Hi i'm a big fan of yours
    From Courtney Hathaway October 18, 2007 reply
  • erny widiastuti: Dear Wentworth,
    Greeting from a woman from Indonesia. I'm one of your fans from Indonesia. You have to know that you are a great actor and it is so proved in every role you play/ed. I'm looking forward to seeing you in your next project, not only in Prison Break. And I hope you can visit to my country one day...
    Love from Indonesia-Erny
    October 24, 2007 reply
  • shelly: all i want to say is I LOVE YOU Wentworth. U r so cute, handsome,hot and sexy. And it would mean the world to me if you'll repl me. God bless u.

    lots of love n kisses
    to u.

    By the way do you have a girlfriend???? October 27, 2007 reply
  • Zeenat: i had never seen or heard of wentworth untill prison break, i only got to see a few episodes of the 1st season,but then i thought that wentworth was HOT but i wasnt proper into him, then me n ma bros watched the whole of season 2 on the internet coz we couldnt wait untill it came on tv, n now i am watching season 3 on the net aswell, n its soooooo sad!!! im also watching saeson 1 im on the 18th episode now, n wentworth is ULTRA ULTRA HOT!! i think i wouldnt b bothered about prison break if he wasnt in it!!!

    from Glasgow xxxx i love wentworth!!!! xxxx October 28, 2007 reply
  • Marybelle: Wow! Wentworth Miller amazes me more and more each day. I absolutely love him in Prison Break. He is a phenomenal actor. I hope he makes it big because he deserves it. He is extremely talented. All the Prison Break actors are! In case you didn't catch on...I am a huge Prison Break fan. November 1, 2007 reply
  • Veronica : Hola Went, Prision Brake es la mejor serie que he podido ver, ojala no termine nunca para poder verte, eres un excelente actor , transmites mucho! todo lo haces bien, se que seràs muy exitoso y siempre desde aqui te apoyarè.
    En mi tienes una amiga . Un beso
    Veronica desde Venezuela
    Te quiero mucho!! November 2, 2007 reply
  • Tongue Tied: Wow, Ive just read ALL the previous comments and Im blown away by the effect Wentworth had on people. Is like a wildfire and we just stand there and burn.
    Honestly, I have to say I feel so strongly about this man it scares me. Ive never met him, nor am I likely to, yet I have this irrational, inexplicable longing to meet him and just see if this feeling is based on something real. It feels like love. November 4, 2007 reply
  • Felicia: Wentworth Miller is the sexiest man alive. I first noticed him on Mariah Carey's video and I was like who is this hot guy? I had started to try to find out what his name was when Prison Break came out! I about flipped off of my couch when I saw him on the previews. He's an amazing actor and gives me hot flashes to watch him. I hope to some day meet him! He's SO HOTTTTTTTT!!!! :) November 7, 2007 reply
  • M.: Dear Wentworth, I hope you read this message and that it brings a smile to your face when you see it. I think you are THE most amazing actor on this planet. I never get caught up with actors and fan mail etc but I got so caught up in prison break when I started watching it that I was instantly infatuated with you! You are the coolest sexiest hottest most talented actor that ever existed. I hope you make it even bigger than what you are cos I love watching you on the big screen. Luv 'n kisses you always send my heart racing, M. November 9, 2007 reply
  • Nice: Just want Wentworth to know (if he ever reads these comments) that he is a great actor and should have been discovered a long time ago.I think you are one of the most beautiful men (intelligent and doesn't take your looks too seriously).You seem not to be cooky - you are sexy and doesnt act as if you know it - that makes you even HoTTer!!!. I hope you are really as nice as you appear. November 9, 2007 reply
  • omg (girl) =): im like 13 and i LOVE him ^^ November 13, 2007 reply
  • Srishti: wow! i never knew there were so many other fans of him as well!!!! i started watchin prison break a couple of months back n wuz totally addicted. wentworth is gorgeous. but it's his character - michael sofield - dat i really love. so compassionate n caring, sooooooo intelligent n such a sweetheart! wish people like him actually existed! November 17, 2007 reply
  • kelly: he is so sexy November 18, 2007 reply
  • daniela: i luv wentworth miller.
    he is soooooo gorgeous and sexy :}
    i hope i meet him one day:)
    ......lotz of luv DANIELA.. :) November 23, 2007 reply
  • jessica: i just want to say,you're the greatest actor i ever seen....... i loved to be actress too, but here...... not possible.. in this little country of luxembourg. thanks for making me smile went you are defenetli the best. November 29, 2007 reply
  • Lifinia: Wentworth Miller, I hate you so much!
    Because you make it so easy for me to fall in love with you!
    Why are you so simply PERFECT?? Why do you have to be so SMART beside having that CUTE SMILE n those SHARP EYES n that SEXY voice n still... that BRAIN???
    Why??? That's so unfair Went, for any other guys in this wold.. :)
    Love u n Prison Break, though. November 30, 2007 reply
  • Dina: Hi..I'am dina from Jordan.
    I love wentworth so mush I have alot of photo for him on my computer, am dream about him every day.
    my friend say that i have the same quite look in my eyes and am so happy because his birth day the same of my birth day,so please if there any bady konw his e-mail please sent it for me.
    I like prison break he is amazing in it.
    the last thing i want to say is "he's got me going crazy"..
    I love tou wentworth miller!!?? December 4, 2007 reply
  • Nizra: haaai miller,
    i thnk am d bigst fan of u n dis earth..
    ur so cute December 6, 2007 reply
  • MAS: Eres un excelente actor y un hombre muy belle ...Latinoamerica te quiere mucho y te admira ... besos muakkk December 11, 2007 reply
  • Ashlee: Wentworth, I just wanted you to know that I also am a big fan of Where the Red Fern Grows and an even bigger fan of yours. You are quite possibly the sexiest man I have ever laid eyes on. Would love to someday be able to meet you. That would be a dream come true. - Ashleee (from St. Louis, MO) December 12, 2007 reply
  • nadia: hiii wentworth....i just wanna say i love u soo much as well as ur hot serial......n my biggest wish is to see u in reality, wanna meet u. coz i love u
    December 15, 2007 reply
  • anamaria: i want to see.i love you miller "michael scofield".come to romania December 25, 2007 reply
  • sophie: Hiii. I am sophie from guyana.I love u so much i have pictures of you like crazy on my computer and most of all i love prison break. You are absolutely hot, adorable and omg sexy. i love u Wentworth December 27, 2007 reply
  • anna: meine name ist anna!ich komme aus grichenland und ich mochte sagen,dass wentworh miller ist ein GOT!ich liebe sich!
    January 1, 2008 reply
  • sarit: wentworth miller if you ever read this please be aware that someone in this world is thinking that you are truly amazing i can beleive god had created someone like you
    i am from israel and it will be so amazing for me to see you ..that will make me so happy i know the rest of the wold is in love with you but iam writing it becase if there is 0000001% you will read that you ll realize that iam so in love with you and i dont even know you please come to visit israel and please i want tosee you you can make me so happy please vist my humble country i will put all my life on the side just for the chance to take a look at you for reali realy write that from the bottem of my hurt January 8, 2008 reply
  • wEnT: i adore prison break :) one of the reasons i adore it is cuz of Went!!! sooo cute! :) :) that famous serious look that he always gets on his face MELTS MY HEART!!! the scene where Michael and Sara kissed the first time just took my breath away :) but thats not the point.. the show overall is great. Miller, you are AWESOME... not to mention DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. and if i ever got to meet this hottie i wouldnt jump at him cuz i'll just pass out at the sight of him. ha. January 21, 2008 reply
  • rachelle cshie: oh my god.. i really into wentworth miller.. iloveu went.. January 27, 2008 reply
  • sarah: wentworth miller i love you please come visit egypt plese February 4, 2008 reply
  • elsa: i'm from grecce and i am a big fun of miller.i have seen the first chapter and i am waiting for the others.he is such a good actor and handsome too.lots of kisses wentworth
    February 7, 2008 reply
  • Leony: I'm fr. the Philippines, I hope he'll continue to inspire those aspiring actors out there. I admire him for being simple and a guy who started out from small beginnings. He really has the knack for influencing people through his acting & his words. I wish you'll have more challenging roles to portray that will allow you to show your creativity & versatility. Keep it up man! February 21, 2008 reply
  • lily:
    February 28, 2008 reply
  • morningman: Really loved his performence in PB not like his some former shows.This time Wentworth thoroughly impressed me,and Sarah too,love both of u guys! March 9, 2008 reply
  • nica: may i say that your wishes are imposible and your thouhts are in vain stop dreaming. March 13, 2008 reply
  • jessica: i think hes hott and u people should too
    so yeah the show roks and i have a layout of him and the tv show look at my profile people its: just 2 let u know if u have myspace its only on myspace k people
    I LOVE HIM! like a lot more than u
    hes so hott people March 17, 2008 reply
  • santy: i think prison break is my best film and wentworth miller is the best and my favourite actor.In the beginning the film i don't like me but the continuity i like me.I'd like i know about you and sara.I hope answer my question please Santy 15 March 25, 2008 reply
  • melissarogers: I just love this man he is soooo fine i would do anything to meet him.
    I watch Prison Break every time it comes on i never miss a show. I would love to see more of him please come out with something new and with u hot and sexy
    April 3, 2008 reply
  • stacey brown: heya wentworth me names stacey love prison breaks watched the hole 3 seasons in less than a week im addicted to it... down loaded it off me pc... hope 4 cums out soon... would really love to meet you u are absolutely massive i love ye.. x May 13, 2008 reply
  • RAEESA: i am a huge prison break fan. Cant wait for season 4.SOUTH AFRICA LOVES YOU WENTWORTH MILLER:) May 16, 2008 reply
  • macarena: Hello, Wentworth I write to you because I would be charmed with knowing and knowing you if am you so tender and human as the personage that you interpret in Prison Break, since I must confess that I am in love with Michael Scofield, rare(strange) thing since that does not exist, but the heart hurts(grieves) me to think that my life is so different from yours and that there does not exist the most remote opportunity to know yourself, because if it(he,she) was possible it(he,she) would do the unimaginable thing to be able to conquer yourself and that you loved me since(as,like) me do it, it(he,she) would be charmed with having you to my side and be able to converse me with you, though I do not believe that he(she) understands you very much since not your language jajajajaja, I wish a lot of luck you in your life and your career(race), many besos.- June 5, 2008 reply
  • sara: waht his Religion he muslim. June 22, 2008 reply
  • sona: i love you! you are the best June 23, 2008 reply
  • Anita Willson: I could never believe there was a hot guy like wentworth miller, he is the hottest guy i have ever seen, as shown on prison break. September 22, 2008 reply
  • suzy: first time I saw Wentworth was in a mag. Apparently, he was the "Hottest Guy" in their countdown list. So am wondering: who the-- is this?!
    Then along came Prison break, and as they say, the rest is history.
    Put together all the synonyms for
    "gorgeous" and that what I think of him.
    Nice guy? He should tell us! October 14, 2008 reply
  • Milanito: i'm going to say this in french , ce Wentworth Miller est un P.D October 19, 2008 reply
  • Someone who love you..WENT: He was intelligent! he gave some great answers. some people in hollywood that have their heads to big should definately consider doing a "wentworth" when they get interviewed. November 5, 2008 reply
  • Maria Zyaniya: Congratulations for this interview, 'n congrats to wentworth for..well, having the ability to be so true, so different, so 'multi-faced' haha everytime he acts.Yay November 11, 2008 reply
  • ruth: hey yall am also a huge fan of wentworth miller and prison break. i hope my couzins got to meet wentworth miller coz they elso live in denver! December 5, 2008 reply
  • nirissa : to
    wentworth miller

    hi there with the hope that you read this e-mail,i'd like to say you wentworth miller have made many have faith that being someone isn't only about having the looks but also the brain.this truly motivates me.sounds crazy but true so for that we love you.

    nirissa December 7, 2008 reply
  • Misty: Wentworth is the man of my dreams iwould give any thing just to meet him! December 11, 2008 reply
  • Catherine and Holly: We have never missed an episode of Prison Break!! Its far fetched but sometimes we find it hard to believe its not real! He is the nicest actor we have come across and seems completly geniune and passionate about his art. We really hope to meet him one day and it has to be said he is one beautiful boy!!! We love you and your work! xx December 12, 2008 reply
  • Marija: Need to say just 4 words....HE IS THE BEST! March 5, 2009 reply
  • Chicky-D: dear Mr.Earl Miller(the third), this is just to tell u dat keep up da gud spirit in ua work.dont matter on what pple sei or think bout u, for Toni Morrison once said in her book,'...definitions belong to the definers, not the defined..'define yourself n i bet u'l luv who u are.wel,i m a student studyn med n ur lyf is an inspiration 2 me.thnx 4 being there 2 show me dat lyf is not ful of 'yes' but also plenty of 'no', trust me i too hv heard plenty of 'no's' hurts but u hve 2 get bk onto ur feet,coz afta ol,da sea neva lacks tides n waves to push u bk onshore.hpe u undersand wat i mean.nwei,on da whole, ol da best in lyf.hpe u get dis msg.nyce tym n tc.4rm a fan amongst millions,dis is Chicky-D.bye. July 18, 2009 reply
  • Pamela : Miller,honestly you're AWESOME...
    I wish to get a chance to meet with you....
    Truly speaking,I admire everything about!Wishing you good luck and Bless your Heart! July 19, 2009 reply
  • dickie: am a young Zambian aged 17 and i really liked prison break because it really inspires me a lot and it tells me i can do everything December 15, 2009 reply
  • (anonymous): Hi .I am iranian . I like to connect with Mr.miller. Can I do this? I love him very very much . November 21, 2010 reply