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Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace

Does the original trilogy justice in terms of heart, action, and fun —Marty Mapes (review...)

" Gentlemen, the boy who saw a woman’s breast has left the planet "
The American Astronaut

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Movie Habit is about to get a whole lot cooler.

Dream Large

We’re a small-time operation. Movie Habit is a labor of love. But that doesn’t mean we dream small.

For years we’ve been pursing an “overhaul” of some sort or another. In our imaginations, it has involved new designs, new functionality, and a deeper, clearer look at the data in our database that goes back 13 (!) years.

After several false starts and literally years of waiting for the perfect overhaul, we decided to proceed with small, incremental improvements that nevertheless get us closer to perfection and further from “decade-old web site.”

That first step was a doozy, but we’re finally ready to release it into the wild.

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

The main difference — well, the one you’ll notice — lets you play “six degrees of Kevin Bacon.” In the sidebar to every review, we list the credits (as we always have), only we’ve now linked them to “people pages” that in turn link every review, interview, and essay in our database about that person. From the new movie, you can look at the cast and crew and cross-link again, and so on.

Here, try it out by starting at the Kevin Bacon page and see if you can find your way to our interview with Marc Forster, director of The Kite Runner and Quantum of Solace.

We colored the “overhauled” site gray so you’ll know you’re on the new test site. You may notice some missing photos on reviews and interviews that are older than a few years. We’ll get to those next.

We know IMDB has been doing this for years. But most movie review sites don’t have features like this, so we think it’s pretty cool.