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Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace

Does the original trilogy justice in terms of heart, action, and fun —Marty Mapes (review...)

" I’ve got a government job to abuse "
— John Travolta, Face/Off

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Greetings from Telluride

Representing Movie Habit at the Telluride Film Festival are three of us (if we get to count very occasional contributor Pablo Kjolseth). But Telluride isn’t the kind of film festival where press get preferential treatment; nor are we particularly sought out by publicists and agents. Instead, we’re just here to soak in the atmosphere, watch good films, and enjoy having no other work to distract us.

... From the 2006 poster by animator John Canemaker
... From the 2006 poster by animator John Canemaker

Though movies won’t start in earnest until tonight, the movie in the park last night (Thursday) was Zoltan Korda’s version of The Four Feathers. One of his descendants and an editor in his own right, Michael Korda, is here to talk about Zoltan and Alexander, both noted directors.

I’d seen two other versions, so the story held little interest for me (unfortunately), but the print looked gorgeous. It was a 35mm technicolor print. A few people thought the colors looked washed out, but I believe that was simply because the film was shot in the desert, where vivid colors aren’t justified.

… and now we’re off to see Great Expectations, a show of up-and-coming, promising filmmakers.