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" I’ve got a government job to abuse "
— John Travolta, Face/Off

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Operation Condor

Jackie Chan meets Indiana Jones —Andrea Birgers (review...)

Chan borrows from Raiders

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Chan-wook Park

  • Stoker (2013)

    Kidman Stokes Wasikowski's suspicion Review by Marty Mapes: Come for the atmosphere, but don't stay for the plot

    Review by Robert Denerstein: Falters in spite of Korean director's skills

  • Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2006)

    Park makes us feel Sympathy for Lady Vengeance Review by Marty Mapes: Park cleverly shows us that justice and revenge can be equally horrifying

  • Three... Extremes (2005)

    Three screams for Three Extremes Review by Marty Mapes: Takes the tension to an extreme by deliberately trying to shock the audience’s sensibility

  • Oldboy (2005)

    Our good Oldboy is locked up for 15 years Review by Marty Mapes: There is a beautiful symmetry about the story

  • J.S.A. (2000)

    Chan-wook Park starts out in the JSA DVD review by Nick Reed: Seems to have been written (or translated) at a 4th-grade level