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" Don’t you have all the answers Henry? "
— [DL], Seven Years in Tibet

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An important milestone in the career of one of the great directors of silent and sound cinema —Marty Mapes (DVD review...)

Spencer Tracy feels Fritz Lang's Fury

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Jean-Jacques Beineix

  • Mortel Transfert (2001)

    Durand makes a Mortal Transfer Review by Marty Mapes: Black comedy offers a rough and tortured view of the male id

  • Locked-In Syndrome (1997)

    Review by Marty Mapes: Fascinating documentary predecessor to Diving Bell plays it straight and keeps it concise

  • Otaku (1994)

    Manufactured idols sing bubble-gum pop in malls Review by Marty Mapes: Are Japanese obsessives (otaku) unique to Japan?

  • IP5: Island of the Pachyderms (1992)

    Montnad looks back to the Island of the Pachyderms Review by Marty Mapes: Three men -- a kid, a youth, and an old man -- set out to find their bliss

  • Roselyne and the Lions (1989)

    Review by Marty Mapes: The workaday world of lion taming is not just a conceit of the plot

  • Betty Blue (1986)

    Betty arrives like a bolt from the Blue Review by Marty Mapes

    Review by Marty Mapes: There can be beauty in tragedy, particularly when the key ingredient is the same in both

  • The Moon in the Gutter (1983)

    Review by Marty Mapes: Characters with unreadable motives are hard to like, and no amount of atmosphere can help